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Brad Pitt asked Jennifer Aniston to meet his kids? That's what one of the tabloids wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can debunk the inaccurate story.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Pitt and Angelina Jolie struck a new court-approved custody deal for the summer that guarantees him visits with their children in both London and Los Angeles. Now according to Heat, the actor isn't "wasting any time in familiarizing them with his new sober life in L.A." That supposedly means meeting Aniston.

"Brad wants to introduce them to everyone who's special or close to him, and Jen falls into that category," an alleged tipster is quoted as saying. The magazine maintains the former spouses have been "supporting each [other] in the wake of their second marriage breakdowns," with Aniston "helping Brad battle his demons," while he has "provided comfort following her split" from Justin Theroux.

Now, contends the outlet, Pitt is "keen to fully involve" his kids in his "new life" with Aniston. As for her part, a purported "source" claims, "Jen knows how much Brad's kids mean to him, and she has been keen to meet them for years." So, when and where will the introduction take place? Tellingly, the publication never says.

More significantly, there's a few factual errors here that undermine the whole story. Pitt doesn't need to now familiarize his brood with his "new sober life" because they were already spending time with him long before this new custody order was issued. As "Entertainment Tonight" reported in March about Pitt's life without Jolie, "The children continue to live with Angelina full-time, but they visit Brad at his house a few days a week."

The tabloid also shows its lack of insight by claiming Pitt isn't "wasting any time" showing the children his "life in L.A." As has been widely reported, the kids are currently in London. Pitt and Jolie's summer custody agreement doesn't call for them to return to California for a visit until July 21, nearly a month from now.

Even then, they still won't be meeting Aniston because she plays virtually no role in her ex-husband's life. As People has reported, Aniston and Pitt haven't seen each other "in ages," and "aren't in regular contact, beyond an occasional text back and forth to wish each other the best when there's been a new project or big event." Despite what the gossip media wants readers to believe, they haven't been aiding each other through their respective splits.

Conclusion: Heat makes clear factual errors in alleging Pitt now needs to "familiarize" his kids with his "new sober life in L.A." and isn't "wasting any time" doing so. The children have long been part of his life in Los Angeles to an extent, and this new custody deal just sets in stone the specific times he can see them during the summer months. And with the kids currently in England, he isn't showing them anything in L.A. right now. The other premise of this tale, that Pitt has asked Aniston to meet his family, doesn't hold up either, as both People and Gossip Cop have reliably reported that they don't share an ongoing closeness that would lead to her spending time with them.

Additionally, while the tabloid relies entirely on anonymous sources for this article, we also spoke with Aniston's spokesperson, who deems it all a "fabrication." The magazine also fabricated an April story that falsely claimed Pitt "betrayed" Aniston with Neri Oxman.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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