Brad Pitt Spending Christmas With Jennifer Aniston And His Kids?

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Side by side shots of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at red carpet events

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at red carpet events

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Brad Pitt will be celebrating Christmas with some of his kids next week, but Jennifer Aniston won’t be joining them. One of this week’s tabloids is claiming otherwise. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to Woman’s Day, Aniston will be spending Christmas with her ex-husband and his children after supposedly rekindling their romance. “To have both Jen and the kids by his side is something he’s been dreaming of for such a long time,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “Jen was instrumental in helping Brad win the custody fight – writing a heartfelt character statement to the judge that detailed the incredible bond he has with each child.” Gossip Cop already debunked a story last year about Aniston serving as a “character witness” in Pitt’s custody battle with Angelina Jolie. The Friends star has no involvement in the situation.

The anonymous insider continues, “Brad and Jen are going all-out to make this Christmas their best yet, and have loads of surprised organized for the kids. Jen’s been busily decorating Brad’s Los Feliz house with the most stunning display to make it feel as warm as possible.” The “insider” goes on to say that Aniston knows the kids are “going to miss their mom” on Christmas, so she “wants to go that extra mile” to make sure they’re happy.

Naturally, no phony tabloid story about Pitt and Aniston would be complete without Jolie’s supposed reaction to it all. “Ange is absolutely furious and is still desperately trying to have the judge’s decision overturned,” says the unknown tipster. “The thought of the kids playing happy families with Brad and Jen over Christmas while she’s alone is her worst nightmare.”

How does this one “source” know exactly how Pitt, Aniston and Jolie all feel? The only logical explanation is that this “source” is imaginary. Gossip Cop reached out to Aniston’s rep, who tells us on the record that the magazine’s report is “fabricated.” The actress’s spokesperson further assures us that she’s not back together with her ex-husband.

It was reported last week that Pitt will be spending Christmas Eve with some of his children. The kids will be spending Christmas Day with Jolie, who won’t be left “alone” at all. Meanwhile, Pitt did attend Aniston’s annual Christmas party last weekend. Technically, the exes already celebrated Christmas together, but they did so along with dozens of other pals – in advance of the actual holiday. Despite being on good terms again, they haven’t rekindle a romance. Just last week, Pitt’s own rep told Gossip Cop “he isn’t dating anyone.”

Meanwhile, this bogus narrative already came up last Christmas. In December 2018, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Aniston would be traveling to Missouri with Pitt and his kids to celebrate the holiday. Shortly before that, In Touch published an even more absurd story about Aniston being pregnant with Pitt’s baby and celebrating Christmas with him and his children. This recurring theme in no more accurate this time around.


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