Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Went On Roman Getaway With George And Amal Clooney?

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston George Clooney Amal Rome

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston George Clooney Amal Rome

(Life and Stlye)

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not go on a getaway to Rome with George Clooney and his wife Amal, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story. The so-called “couples retreat” never took place.

According to Life & Style, George has been “busy playing Cupid” for the ex-spouses in the hopes they’ll get back together, so he invited the pair to Italy, which “wound up being like one really long double date filled with tears, laughter and love.” An alleged insider tells the magazine that George knows his Ocean’s Eleven co-star “is working really hard to get Jen back,” so he decided to help out by inviting them to stay at a villa in Rome.

“It was a magical few days,” says the supposed source, adding that Pitt and Aniston spent “plenty of alone time” together during the getaway. The anonymous tipster continues, “George should get a medal for organizing this trip. He enlisted Amal, but it was all his idea. He feels invested in Jen and Brad. Watching them interact on this getaway, George realized their spark is undeniable – it seemed like Brad couldn’t keep his hands off Jen!”

The unidentified “source” goes on to say that George is hopeful the exes will reunite for good, and at one point “took Brad aside and half-jokingly told him how their Lake Como home would make a great setting for a second wedding.” The questionable insider also maintains that Pitt and Aniston “were cooing” over George and Amal’s twins during the trip, and it made them both realize “that it wasn’t too late for them to start their own happy family.”

The tabloid’s report is a total work of fiction. Pitt’s spokesperson says on the record that the Roman getaway never happened. A rep qualified to speak on Aniston’s behalf also confirms the magazine’s article is a complete fabrication. The ex-spouses aren’t on the verge of rekindling their romance, nor is George trying to make it happen.

It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style in April for falsely claiming Pitt and Aniston were planning a romantic weekend trip to France. That getaway never occurred and this latest article makes no mention of the two already vacationing overseas. Shortly before that, the outlet wrongly reported that Pitt and Aniston had been going on dates after reuniting at her 50th birthday party in February. Although the actor briefly attended his ex-wife’s celebration, it was simply to support her as a friend.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time the publication has come up with a phony story about the Clooneys playing a role in Aniston’s love life. Last year, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for making up a story about Amal “playing matchmaker” for Aniston. In that story, however, the human rights lawyer told the actress she should “stop dating actors” and find “someone who works behind the scenes.”

It must be mentioned, the unreliable outlet doesn’t bother to mention when Pitt and Aniston’s “Roman holiday” with the Clooneys took place. The actress spent a few days in New York City last month shooting her upcoming series “The Morning Show” and has since been in Los Angeles doing press for her new Netflix movie Murder Mystery. Meanwhile, Pitt attended the Cannes Film Festival in France last month, after which he was spotted with a group of friends visiting an art exhibit in Venice. As for the Clooneys, they appear to be spending most of their time at their home in London. In addition to being untrue, the idea that all four spent a recent weekend in Rome doesn’t pan out geographically.


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