Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Dump Justin Theroux For Brad Pitt, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Dump Justin Theroux Brad Pitt

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Dump Justin Theroux Brad Pitt

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Jennifer Aniston did not dump Justin Theroux for Brad Pitt, despite a completely absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk this latest nonsense surrounding the ex-couple’s split. A love triangle simply wasn’t a factor in the breakup.

According to OK!, the real reason that Aniston and Theroux decided to end their marriage is because the actress wants to reunite with her ex-husband. A supposed “source” tells the magazine, “They never stopped loving each other, and realized it’s pointless to fight it any longer. They’re soul mates, and as far as they’re concerned, the stars are aligning for them to get back together.”

The outlet’s questionable insider goes on to say that Pitt has been checking in with his ex-wife every day since her split. “Brad’s been incredibly supportive of Jen, and even helped guide her through the process,” adds the supposed source. “They lean on each other for advice. Jen talks him into being positive when he’s having a bad day and vice versa.”

The seemingly made-up tipster further contends that Pitt was considering reconciling with Angelina Jolie, but he changed his mind once Aniston came back into the picture. “He never thought she’d want to be with him again,” adds the alleged insider. “But now he can’t wait to finalize his divorce and move toward a reunion with Jen.”

The “source” also maintains that Aniston realizes Pitt has “grown enormously” since their difficult divorce, and he’s “won her over with his new sensitivity and spirituality. They’re looking forward, not backward, and treating the reunion as the start of a wonderful new chapter,” adds the seemingly phony insider.

As Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted, Aniston and Pitt aren’t getting back together. We’ve been assured many times by sources close to both of them that there’s no romantic reconciliation in the cards. While Pitt and Aniston occasionally text, they have not met up since her breakup with Theroux nor do they have plans to reunite. Like much of what’s been written about Aniston in the wake of her split from Theroux earlier this month, this latest article on the subject is fabricated.

It’s worth noting, OK! knew very little about Aniston’s marriage to Theroux, so it’s not surprising that the tabloid knows little about their separation. Last summer, Gossip Cop corrected the publication for wrongly reporting that the actress was pregnant with her then-husband’s “miracle baby.” This latest article involving Pitt is equally bogus.