Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston ‘Italian Dinner Date’ Never Happened, Despite Report

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Dinner Date Italy

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Dinner Date Italy

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not reunite for a “romantic Italian dinner date” at George Clooney’s home in Sardinia, despite a false report that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can once again set the record straight. The ex-spouses simply never met up.

Earlier this month, the National Enquirer printed a phony article about Pitt and Aniston having dinner at Clooney’s house in Italy earlier this summer. The magazine claimed that Clooney has always wanted the exes to get back together, so he “played matchmaker” and arranged for the pair to share a private candlelit dinner and take a sail on his yacht.

The article was a work of fiction. Reps for both Pitt and Aniston went on the record to say they never met for dinner in Italy this summer and aren’t back together in any capacity. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the Enquirer from posting another version of the story on its website. There are additional tidbits in this report that Gossip Cop can also correct.

The outlet alleges that Clooney never liked Angelina Jolie and was happy he could reunite Pitt with Aniston amid the actor’s contentious divorce. The online article further contends that following the dinner in Italy, the ex-spouses “met up again in early August when Brad stopped by her Bel Air home.” A supposed insider adds, “It gave them a chance to bond all over again. They’re both going through tough divorces and a have a lot of intense, shared history.”

As Gossip Cop pointed out when this storyline first emerged, none of it makes sense geographically speaking. Aniston has spent the majority of the summer in Europe shooting the Netflix movie Murder Mystery. Meanwhile, Pitt has been in Los Angeles filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The exes were in different countries all summer. Tellingly, the tabloid doesn’t mention exactly when their “romantic dinner” even took place.

As for the claim that Pitt visited his ex-wife’s home in early August, Murder Mystery wrapped filming in Italy on August 28. Aniston’s co-star Adam Sandler posted an Instagram photo to commemorate the final day of shooting. Speaking of Sandler, he and Aniston visited Clooney’s home in early August, the same time that the Enquirer claims she met up with Pitt in Los Angeles. Aniston and Sandler weren’t able to visit the actor’s house without the paparazzi on their tail, so it’s safe to say that if she showed up with Pitt, they would have been spotted.

Meanwhile, Aniston’s close friend Portia de Rossi told Us Weekly in June that she knows “for a fact” that the actress and her ex-husband “haven’t seen each other.” Every aspect of the tabloid’s premise is provably false. Two people can’t have a “romantic dinner date” when they’re located on different continents.


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