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A new story about how Brad Pitt feels about "reigniting [a] romance" with Jennifer Aniston is completely made-up. It comes from a website that's been repeatedly caught fabricating tales about the ex-spouses and dating. Gossip Cop can once again expose the often discredited outlet by pointing out its lies and various contradictory reports.

HollywoodLife, which is occasionally referred to as HollywoodLies, now claims it has exclusively learned how Pitt feels about reuniting with Aniston, who he divorced back in 2005 after taking up with Angelina Jolie. The habitually debunked blog alleges it has a "source" who shares that much like Aniston, who's not looking to date anyone now, Pitt has "no time for romance."

That's interesting because on February 18, 2018, the serial fibbers at that blog said there was "definitely a chance" of a "rekindling [of] some sort of romantic relationship" between Pitt and Aniston (below). And after the same untrustworthy site manufactured a wholly fictitious story in April 2018 about how Pitt had been dating MIT professor Neri Oxman for six months, a lie Gossip Cop was first to dismiss, the outlet crafted yet another phony article about Aniston being "crushed" that she and her ex-husband wouldn't be having a romantic "reconciliation." HollywoodLies even editorialized, "We were SO here for a Brad and Jennifer reunion" (also below).

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Dating


Of course, while the frequently disgraced website now pretends to know that Pitt has no interesting in rekindling with Aniston, a little more than a year ago, it wrongly maintained there was "definitely a chance." And despite the blog also making believe it has Pitt insiders, obviously it doesn't because it would have known Oxman and the actor never dated for six months or even a minute, a point the professor herself clarified to the New York Times in an interview. Equally significant, even though HollywoodLies now says Pitt has no interest or time to date, it concocted one fake dating story after another about him.

In September 2017, for instance, the site quoted one of its seemingly made-up sources as saying pointblank that Pitt was "ready to date" after his split from Jolie. Actually, the outlet's lies didn't age well right from the start when it claimed Pitt was dating Kate Hudson shortly after he and Jolie separated. A year later, Hudson herself said the rumor about her dating Pitt was a total lie.

Around the same time, Gossip Cop again nailed the website when it fabricated an article about Pitt dating Ella Purnell, who was in his Starz series "Sweetbitter." The unreliable blog contended it had a Pitt "insider" who shared, "Brad's attraction to Ella is more than just physical," which "upset" Jolie. In addition to the two having never dated, Purnell tweeted about Pitt, "Literally never met the guy," and called the report, "Fake news."

Still not convinced that HollywoodLife's Pitt "sources" are quite possibly phony, and that the outlet appears to be manufacturing untrue and conflicting articles about his dating life? Last year, Gossip Cop once more called out the site for spreading a bogus report about how Jolie was in a "rage" about Pitt being first to date and start a "new relationship." And yet now, after linking him to Hudson, Oxman, Purnell and others, it suddenly asserts he's not interested in dating at all.

The blog churns out so many works of fiction, it can't even keep its stories straight. And the latest tall tale about how Pitt supposedly feels about "reigniting [a] romance" with Aniston is just another example. It bears mentioning that for years reps for both Aniston and Pitt have told Gossip Cop the exes are not getting back together. Additionally, a Pitt confidant has similarly guaranteed us that no one close to the movie star is leaking anything about his personal life to HollywoodLies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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