Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Threw “Custody Party” With George Clooney?

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Brad Pitt Custody Party

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Brad Pitt Custody Party

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Did Brad Pitt really throw a “custody party” with Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney? A new report claims the actor is “celebrating winning back the kids with his Hollywood friends.” Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

For starters, Pitt did not “win back” the children. With the help of a judge, Pitt and Jolie settled on a summer custody agreement that gives him visitation with their six children in London and Los Angeles. Primary custody remains with the actress, and it has not been determined if that will change down the road. Still, New Idea is claiming that Pitt was “so excited” by his purported “court victory” that he “threw a surprise ‘custody party’ for his closest friends.”

Though the magazine tellingly doesn’t say when or where this supposed bash took place, it’s nonetheless claimed that it was a “lavish, over-the-top event” featuring Aniston and the Clooneys. With Aniston “by his side,” the outlet contends they “invited all their mutual friends to celebrate,” though no one is named beyond the actress and the Clooneys, who were allegedly “honored for their role in helping Brad get joint custody of children.”

Again, Jolie still has primary custody. The only thing that has changed is that Pitt has been guaranteed specific visitation times during the summer. The publication also wrongly contends “the main battle” is “over.” That is not true, since this custody agreement only applies to the summer. Jolie and Pitt are due back in court in August and still need to reach a permanent custody agreement. Nevertheless, the tabloid cites a so-called “source,” who asserts the Clooneys have been a “pillar of support” for Pitt, with Amal even offering legal advice, during this time.

To back up its premise that Pitt and his famous friends celebrated “in true Hollywood style,” the magazine features pictures of Aniston with the Clooneys, claiming that she “congratulate[d]” them for “doing a wonderful job and being such great friends to Brad.” But the photos are not from any “custody party.” As seen on Getty Images, the snapshots were taken on June 7 an AFI Gala where George received the Life Achievement Award. Not only was Pitt not in attendance, but that formal affair took place several days before news of the summer custody arrangements leaked on June 12.

There’s another clear problem with this story when Pitt and Aniston are referred as a “rumored on-again pair.” Back in February, this magazine maintained Pitt and Aniston were having a “wedding and a baby.” And in March, George was given credit for supposedly getting Aniston and Pitt back together. But now they’re only “rumored” to have reconciled? The truth, of course, is that haven’t reunited at all. People reported months ago that Aniston and Pitt hadn’t seen each other “in ages,” and they still haven’t.

Conclusion: There are a number of transparent factual errors in this story, with it wrongly being claimed Pitt has won “joint custody” and the “main battle” in his divorce from Jolie is “over.” In actuality, nothing has been settled for the long-term. The outlet also alleges Pitt had a “custody party” with Aniston, even though it’s been reliably reported that they don’t see each other.

The publication can’t say where or when the purported party took place, or even name any guests besides the Clooneys. And the only photos offered, featuring Aniston and the Clooneys, were taken at an AFI event where Pitt was not present. Gossip Cop also checked in with a spokesperson for the actor, who shrugged off this clearly made-up and inaccurate tale as just another fabrication.


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