Brad Pitt Dumped Jennifer Aniston For Charlize Theron?

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Brad Pitt Dumped Jennifer Aniston Charlize Theron

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Dumped Jennifer Aniston Charlize Theron

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Has Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston for Charlize Theron? That’s the absurd story in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus premise.

Rumors have been circulating for the past week about Pitt and Theron secretly dating, but the actor’s spokesperson has told Gossip Cop on the record that there’s no romance between the pair. The two movie stars shot an ad for Breitling watches last year, but Pitt’s rep assured us he “hasn’t seen [Theron] in months” and was never in a relationship with the actress. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped New Idea from continuing the phony narrative.

The unreliable outlet claims Aniston had rekindled a relationship with Pitt prior to him meeting Theron, but she’s “been dumped once again” by her ex-husband. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Jen is devastated and can’t believe that she’s been let down by Brad – again. She really believed things were going well with Brad, that they were on the same page and working towards a real future together.”

According to the tabloid, Aniston had been spending time with Pitt’s six kids and she had even discussed starting a family with her ex. “But now it turns out it wasn’t real,” says the supposed source. “After months of saying Jen was the one, Brad all of a sudden turned around and said he wasn’t sure and wanted to see other people. Next thing you know, he’s spending time with Charlize and Jen is all alone.” The questionable tipster further contends Aniston is “angry at herself for giving him another chance” and “feels like a fool” over the situation.

The outlet’s story is predicated on the false idea that Pitt and Theron are a couple, which they aren’t. But even if they were, everything involving Aniston is completely fabricated. The actress never rekindled a romance with her ex-husband, as separate reps for both stars have confirmed to us countless times. For example, when New Idea claimed last month Aniston was spending Christmas with Pitt and his kids in Missouri, spokespeople for both the actress and the actor went on the record to dismiss the story. Days after we corrected the article, Pitt celebrated Christmas with four of his kids in Los Angeles.

Additionally, Aniston’s friend Portia de Rossi told Us Weekly last year she knows for “fact a fact” that she and Pitt “haven’t seen each other” in a long time. Pitt never rekindled a romance with his ex-wife, and certainly didn’t “dump” her for a woman he’s not dating. This ongoing saga is complete fiction.


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