Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not "bonding like never before," despite an untrue report spreading through the gossip media about the pair reuniting. While the story laughably declares the exes' supposedly enduring relationship is "because fairy tales exist," this is really just tabloid fantasy. Gossip Cop can bust it.

More than a decade after their divorce, Life & Style asserts on its website that Pitt and Aniston are "making news again — but this time, the story is very different," because "the two are giving their love a second shot." The gossip magazine goes on to contend, "The news comes after Brad's divorce from Angelina Jolie and rumors that Jen's marriage to Justin Theroux is on the rocks." It then quotes from sister outlet In Touch, which cited a so-called "friend" as saying, "Brad and Jen have bonded like never before over the past year. And they've been helping each other through their respective troubles."

That quote, and the others used throughout this new piece, are taken from a recent In Touch cover story in which the publication fabricated claims about Pitt asking Aniston to marry him again. Life & Style is now regurgitating those debunked contentions, quoting the purported pal as alleging, "If the stars align, Brad and Jen could end up remarried." And if the stars align, maybe Gossip Cop will finally win the lotto. But it's not happening.

These Aniston-Pitt stories are a manufactured saga that these magazines have been wrongly peddling for years, even before the actor separated from Jolie. For example, in September 2015, more than a year before Jolie filed for divorce, Life & Style was claiming she caught Pitt making "secret calls" to Aniston. The allegation was made-up, of course, and just part of the gossip media's efforts at making it seem like the Aniston-Pitt-Jolie love triangle has never ended.

Now with Pitt and Jolie's split, the third person in the triangle is usually Aniston's husband, Theroux. But these ongoing narratives still have no semblance to reality. And it's ironic that Life & Style is using phrases here like "making news" and "the news comes." There is nothing in its story that is real, genuine, legitimate, authentic or confirmed news. Pitt and Aniston are not "making news." The tabloid and its ilk are concocting it. This fake "news" is only "coming" because it's being manufactured out of thin air.

So, where do things actually stand? Well, Aniston rang in the new year with Theroux on vacation and Pitt is casually dating as he moves on from Jolie. He's just not moving on from her with his ex-wife, despite what fans are being led to believe.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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