In the fantasy world created by the tabloids, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have had multiple babies together. In reality, they haven't had any, but Gossip Cop has debunked several variations of the phony narrative. Here are five wrong rumors.

Just last month, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Aniston was displaying a "baby bump" on the set of a movie. The magazine maintained that the child belonged to Pitt as the two had supposedly just gotten married at the actress's 50th birthday party. Every aspect of the article was absurd. The ex-spouses aren't back together and certainly didn't tie the knot at her birthday. Following the event, E! News also noted that the two "definitely aren't dating or on that path," despite being on friendly terms. Aniston's own spokesperson also dismissed the story as nonsense.

Gossip Cop called out In Touch in January for wrongly reporting that Aniston and Pitt were having a baby girl together. According to the magazine, the exes held a gender reveal party over New Year's to break the news to their friends. The outlet further contended that the two bought an estate in Colorado so they could raise their baby outside of Hollywood. Considering that the actor's six children with Angelina Jolie live in Los Angeles, the story made little sense. Meanwhile, separate reps for both Pitt and Aniston have told us countless times they haven't rekindled a romance.

Last June, Gossip Cop debunked an In Touch story about Pitt and Aniston having both a "wedding and a baby." The tabloid claimed the exes had reunited shortly after her split from Justin Theroux, and were already getting married and starting a family. An alleged "insider" told the outlet that the pair would be getting married at George Clooney's home in Lake Como, and would try to conceive a child immediately afterwards. Although it's true Aniston and Pitt started texting again following her separation from Theroux, the exes hadn't seen each other in a long time when the tabloid's story was published. Naturally, the two didn't tie the knot at Clooney's house and haven't had a child together.

Gossip Cop busted In Touch last May for alleging that Jolie was "furious" over Pitt and Aniston's supposed baby plans. The outlet said the ex-spouses were planning to have a child "either naturally, or through IVF," and that Jolie had somehow learned of the scheme. According to the magazine, the Maleficent star was "livid" over the situation, but Pitt and Aniston weren't going to let that stop them. Spokespeople for all involved went on the record to dismiss the ludicrous report. Jolie was never upset about Pitt and Aniston's nonexistent plans to have a baby.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out the National Enquirer in March 2018 for falsely claiming Aniston was "begging" Pitt to be her "baby daddy." The tabloid contended the former "Friends" star was desperate for a child and wanted her ex-husband to be the father. A supposed source told the magazine that Aniston was hesitant during her marriage to have kids with Theroux because he lacked "daddy qualities," and she also wanted her child "to be just like Brad, in not just looks, but also [in] personality." Separate reps for both stars assured us the article was pure fiction. The ex-spouses haven't reconciled at all, let alone brought a child into the world.


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