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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston do not have any kind of "baby announcement," nor are they getting married again, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust this latest untrue report. As we've rightly said many times this year, the exes have not gotten back together.

But the latest cover of OK! blares, "Brad & Jen's Big Baby Announcement!" The front of the issue further teases, "Date set for their second wedding after being apart for 13 years!" To sell this narrative, the magazine is using a photo of the actress where she appears to have her hand resting on her belly. But that was an innocent placement, not a sign of a blossoming baby bump. In fact, this picture of Aniston is from 2015, when she attended the Critics' Choice Awards with Justin Theroux.

As for the actual article, it's alleged Pitt invited "loved ones" to his Santa Barbara home in late August, where he "dropped a bombshell." A so-called "family insider" claims he announced that he and Aniston have "rekindled their romance — and plan to get married again. He also revealed that they're going to have a baby together." It's further alleged that there are "whispers" Aniston "could be expecting already." The outlet contends she and Pitt, however, are "keeping the news on the DL until he officially cuts ties" with Angelina Jolie.

Still, the untraceable source maintains, "Brad and Jen have really reconnected over the past few months. When they're together, in some ways, it feels just like old times." But they haven't been "together" in recent months. In February, People reported Pitt and Aniston hadn't seen one another in "ages." And in late June, when Aniston left to shoot Murder Mystery in Montreal and Italy, her pal Portia de Rossi confirmed she and Pitt still hadn't seen each other. And while Pitt has been in Los Angeles shooting Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Aniston spent the summer in different countries from him, and even on a different continent.

But the publication is apparently living in an alternate reality, where its alleged tipster says nonsensical things like Pitt and Aniston "have set a date" for their second wedding, but will "probably quietly elope." The tabloid has been down this road before. In late May, OK! peddled a cover that declared, "Jen: Yes I'm Pregnant — With Brad's Baby!" Days later, in early June, the magazine actually debunked its own claims with an article on its website that shot down Aniston pregnancy rumors.

Then in early August, there was a new cover story that announced Aniston and Pitt were engaged. Of course, much like now, that engagement ring showcased on the front of the issue was given to the "Friends" star by Justin Theroux and had nothing to do with Pitt. Now here in early September is the outlet's next installment in this fictional saga, which combines the pregnancy and engagement narratives into a baby-and-wedding storyline.

Conclusion: The publication claims Aniston and Pitt have been "together" during the "past few months" when there is plenty of proof that they were in different countries, and even on different continents at times. There is also evidence that they have not "rekindled" a romance. As such, these claims about having a baby together and getting married again are preposterous and indisputably wrong. People even reported less than 24 hours ago that Aniston "isn't concerned about dating" and is "happy to focus on work." That also rules out a pregnancy and nuptials.

Additionally, as Gossip Cop pointed out above, OK! is misleading readers with its cover photo of Aniston, which is more than three years old. A spokesperson for the actress also tells Gossip Cop the tabloid's claims are "complete rubbish." Meanwhile, Pitt's rep confirms to us, "It cannot be more false."

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have an announcement: They're having a baby and getting married again.
Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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