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It's been 15 years. Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together yet? Nope, but that hasn't stopped supermarket tabloids everywhere from maintaining long-running, entirely fictional sagas of their renewed love, the attempts made by the dastardly Angelina Jolie to keep them apart, and most recently, their plans to adopt and raise a child. Here are a few recent stories that Gossip Cop has debunked about Pitt and Aniston supposedly adopting a child together.

In January, New Idea ran an article alleging that the ex-spouses were planning to adopt a baby from a Mexican orphanage. According to the tabloid, Pitt and Aniston secretly met up in Tijuana over New Year's for a holiday together. The non-couple had supposedly also visited an orphanage, which a so-called "insider" said "would be the perfect place to adopt from" if they ever ended up officially getting back together. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found that while Aniston and Pitt did both vacation in Mexico, they were on opposite sides of the country. And neither were in Tijuana.

The report was obvious nonsense, but by mid-February Star was running its own story about Aniston and Pitt adopting a baby girl together. That tabloid went a step further than New Idea in taking it as a given that they were officially back together and planned to be co-parents "if and when they go ahead with this adoption." Another anonymous insider added that the "couple" would likely see retaliation from Pitt's second ex-wife Angelina Jolie in the form of vengeful custody arrangements. Gossip Cop quickly debunked this story by pointing to the multiple denials from both actors' reps that we've been getting for months, which have been corroborated by reliable outlets such as People confirming that they really, truly only are just friends.

A couple of weeks later, Life & Style contended that Pitt and Aniston were adopting a baby girl and naming her after George Clooney. The fictional "Georgia's" namesake supposedly "played an integral role" in getting the stars back together, a questionable source told the magazine. They had even apparently filled out the ill-defined "paperwork" to get the adoption wheels turning, the dubious insider added. Both actors' spokespeople confirmed the story was false for Gossip Cop, with Aniston's rep telling us, "No one can actually believe this crap? It's all made up." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Finally, at the beginning of March, NW hopped on the bandwagon to claim that the actors were adopting, specifically for the purpose of giving Pitt's 13-year-old daughter Shiloh a baby sister. The strange report inexplicably focuses on Shiloh and not the other five children that Pitt shares with Jolie, contending that Shiloh is "the most thrilled" about the prospect. This article's shady insider also claims the baby girl will be named Georgia after George Clooney. It seems NW just stole L&S's bogus idea and made it their own, which is just silly. If you're going to publish obvious lies, you might as well try to have some originality with it before Gossip Cop busts you.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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