Brad Pitt undoubtedly misses his kids, but a story that claims a source told HollywoodLife how not seeing them "hurts" was made up by the site. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly proven, no real Pitt insiders are speaking to the often discredited outlet. In fact, one Pitt confidante tells us it's latest article is also "bogus."

In its latest creation, the less than trustworthy outlet states the obvious, though claims it has a Pitt insider telling it that the actor misses his kids "so much still that it hurts." HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, maintains its so-called "source" further contends that Pitt doesn't see his six children "as much as he would really like to." The webloid's same (seemingly fabricated) "source" adds that his kids are "truly are his everything." Gossip Cop is going to go out on a limb and assume the site's source is none other than Captain Obvious.

It doesn't take Pitt insiders to know that when a dad doesn't see his children "it hurts." And it doesn't take Pitt insiders to know that a father going through a divorce and not living with his kids doesn't spend as much time as "he really would like to." Simply, it appears HollywoodLies made up this story without really speaking to Pitt insiders.

The site has published numerous articles claiming it has exclusive information from Pitt sources, and time and again those stories have been shown, without a shadow of doubt, to be 100 percent fake news. A little more than a week ago, HollywoodLies claimed to have an exclusive about Brad Pitt's Father's Day plans with his kids. The unreliable outlet alleged that the celebrity dad had slated a full day of paintball, skateboarding and barbecuing. But Gossip Cop was told by an actual Pitt pal that the story was a total lie, and sure enough not only didn't the actor's children spend Father's Day with him, but they were far away in Africa with their mom, Angelina Jolie.

Last month, the disreputable site swore up and down that Pitt and Jolie were "back together." Its supposed Pitt sources were quoted then saying the two were keeping their reconciliation "under the radar," but soon enough their kids would be "thrilled to hear the news." Not surprisingly, HollywoodLies neglects to mention that cockamamie article or scores of others it made up in its latest report.

Irrespective of how untrustworthy an outlet may be, Gossip Cop still fact-checks every claim. And a source close to Pitt assures us no one from his camp told HollywoodLies how he feels about his kids. In fact, we hear publicly discussing his children is a subject that's completely off-limits to the actor's inner circle. And while it's obvious that it "hurts" Pitt not to be with his kids the way he used to be with them before the split with Jolie, a confidancte tells Gossip Cop that the latest HollywoodLife story is "bogus."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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