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Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in a "battle" over the holidays? A new report claims the actor turned down an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his estranged wife and their children. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

According to Life & Style, Pitt was "looking forward to taking a break" from work and "spending time with his six kids on Thanksgiving," but "that is plan is highly unlikely" due to ongoing issues with Jolie. "They've become embroiled in a battle over who gets to see the children during the holidays," contends the tabloid, which alleges "the drama began with a simple invitation." A so-called "insider" claims Jolie "initially invited Brad to her house to spend [Thanksgiving] afternoon with the kids."

But the gossip magazine asserts Pitt was "wary" and "doesn't trust Angelina," so, "wanting to avoid a scene, Brad declined the Thanksgiving invite, instead asking if the kids could spend part of the day with him." And because the "younger kids said they wanted to sleep at Brad's," he "started to plan for it," alleges the supposed source, who then claims Pitt later got a call from Jolie's assistant, telling him "none of the kids would be going to his house on Thanksgving" because they wanted to stay with their mother.

Instead of exploding in "fury," the publication's purported tipster maintains Pitt simply thanked the assistant for the call and passed on a "Happy Thanksgiving" wish to Jolie. The "insider" goes on to contend that the actor is aware he can't "fight back and get angry every time she pulls a stunt," due to the impact that would have on their children, so he wants to "handle it like a mature adult," even "if that means he won't see the kids as much or at the holidays."

Well, it doesn't sound like there's much of a "battle" then, if Pitt just gave in, as this story claims. More importantly, no one with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm that there's any accuracy to this tale or any validity to the claim that Pitt turned down an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at Jolie's home. That said, our sources declined to say whether any holiday custody schedule has been worked out, understandably wanting to keep such plans private for the sake of the kids' privacy.

But it's important to stress that Life & Style has repeatedly been caught publishing untrue custody stories ever since Jolie and Pitt split a year ago. In fact, after falsely alleging in May that the former couple was "back together" and secretly dating," the tabloid wrongly claimed in July that Pitt asked Jolie for full custody of their children. As Gossip Cop has rightly reported all along, he has always wanted shared, joint custody. Notably, nothing is said in this new article about the previous allegation of Pitt wanting sole custody. With inconsistencies and straight-up falsehoods, there's little reason to believe the magazine has any real insight on what is or isn't happening with the family this holiday season.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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