Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are not "heating up," despite a tabloid report. This is just more fake news tied to a played-out rumor. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight.

"Brad & Sienna Continue To Heat Up," reads a headline in Life & Style, which ridiculously begins its article by declaring, "Brienna Lives On!" The tabloid writes that "after a reported cozy encounter at June's Glastonbury Festival," Pitt and Miller are "getting to know each other even better." Wait. If the gossip magazine doesn't even have first-hand knowledge of the "reported cozy encounter," how does it know the stars are now "getting to know each other"?

The outlet goes on to cite an "insider," but if it really had such a source, wouldn't the publication have gotten its own insight about what supposedly went down at Glastonbury? That the tabloid is now claiming to know what's going on between Pitt and Miller while still referring to a "reported cozy encounter" at the music festival is a clear indication that the magazine doesn't really have inside knowledge at all. But for the sake of fairness, let's examine what else this piece contains.

Pitt and Miller "have been sending each other flirtatious text messages," claims the purported "insider," who alleges, "She often checks in on Brad to see how he's doing, and he's thankful for the support. They're closer than ever." The outlet's alleged tipster further contends, "They're planning on taking time out of their busy schedules to meet up." Wait. The pair is "closer than ever" but haven't even seen other since Glastonbury in late June?

It's now a month later, and the publication maintains they're "heating up" while at the same time writing that they "just need another face-to-face." That doesn't make much sense. It seems to Gossip Cop that Life & Style just wanted to add its own two cents to the rumor mill, and decided such a piece would be the perfect sidebar to its cover story about Pitt asking Angelina Jolie for full custody of their kids. But as we already reported, that article was untrue, and so is this smaller one that was published alongside it.

That's not surprising, of course. If the tabloid fabricated its cover story about Pitt being in a new custody battle, it's not shocking that a story about his love life would be fabricated, too, especially with the red flags pointed out above. Gossip Cop is exclusively told by one of our Pitt contacts that there's "nothing new" between him and Miller. There wasn't a romance blossoming earlier this year, and there still isn't one now. Should that ever change, Gossip Cop will have the accurate details. But for now, this narrative remains fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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