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Brad Pitt is not dating spiritual advisor Sat Hari Khalsa after ending a supposed romance with Charlize Theron, despite a completely untrue tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct every aspect of the phony story. The actor has never been involved with either woman.

Pitt is pictured on the cover of this week's Us Weekly along with the headline, "Yes, I'm In Love Again!" The accompanying article features the headline, "Meet Brad's New Girlfriend!" The woman being referenced is Khalsa, a jewelry designer and holistic healer who's a longtime friend of Pitt. According to the magazine, however, the two "are officially an item."

An alleged insider tells the outlet, "He's dating Sat. She's been traveling around the world with him, going to the Ad Astra premieres." Although it's true that Khalsa was photographed at the Los Angeles premiere of Pitt's new movie, she didn't attend as his date. Last October, in fact, Gossip Cop busted several false stories about Pitt dating Khalsa after the two were spotted chatting at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music gala. The two weren't a couple last year and they're not one now.

In Us Weekly's version of events, Pitt had been dating Theron last year but he called off their romance three months ago because there was too much "intensity" between them, "and he didn't want that again after he and Angelina [Jolie] split." "They both bring enormous baggage to the equation," says a supposed source, adding that Pitt started romancing Khalsa at some point in the past three months, and he appreciates her more peaceful energy.

"Brad doesn't want to date another actress," adds the seemingly phony tipster. "At this stage of his life, he's only interested in woman who aren't part of the industry." The anonymous insider adds, "Because of what [Khalsa] does for a living, there's much less drama around her. And that's what Brad's drawn to."

Nothing about the tabloid's story is remotely accurate. For starters, Pitt's spokesperson tells Gossip Cop he's never been romantically involved with Theron. The two stars worked together on an ad campaign for Breitling watches last year, but that's where their relationship begins and ends. Pitt and Theron, who haven't been spotted together, weren't in secret romance for more than a year. It's worth noting, we've busted countless stories about the two stars dating over the past year. We even called out the Globe in February for falsely claiming Pitt and Theron were having a baby together.

Another source close to Pitt assures Gossip Cop that Us Weekly's report is "entirely false." Our trusted insider notes that he and Khalsa are "just longterm friends," who weren't dating when they "simply were pictured at the same event" last year, and still aren't a couple now. This bogus narrative seems to have emerged simply because Khalsa was at the LA premiere of Ad Astra. Many of Pitt's friends supported him at the premiere of his new film. There's no romance between the two.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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