Brad Pitt, George Clooney Feud Story NOT True

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Brad Pitt Feud George Clooney

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Feud George Clooney

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Brad Pitt and George Clooney have not ended a supposed feud in the wake of Pitt’s split from Angelina Jolie, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. The longtime friends were never feuding in the first place.

“The Boys Are Back! George & Brad Bury The Hatchet,” reads a headline in the new issue of Star. It’s said, “The legendary bromance between Brad Pitt and George Clooney is back on! Sources confirm that with Angelina Jolie out of the picture, George finally felt comfortable enough to reach out to his old friend.”

A so-called “mutual pal” is quoted as saying, “Angie never liked George and drove a real wedge between him and Brad. But George is a very forgiving guy and wants to be there for his buddy as he goes through his divorce.” And, according to the magazine, it was Clooney’s wife Amal “who encouraged her hubby to reach out to his Ocean’s Eleven co-star.”

“She knows how much not having Brad around has hurt him,” claims the supposed source. And now “the A-list dudes are making up for lost time.” Says the outlet’s alleged tipster, “Their catch-up drink turned into an emotional, five-hour talk. It’s a huge help to the poor guy — Brad’s finally got his friend in his corner.”

With that, Star announces, “World War G is officially over!” But there was never any kind of “war” in the first place. Jolie and Pitt were together for more than a decade, and he and Clooney have very much remained friends during that time.

In fact, it was just last year that Clooney spoke about his new prank Pitt on “The Graham Norton Show.” Obviously, if they were in such a feud, that wouldn’t have happened. What’s really going on here is Star sought a new angle to the Brangelina breakup. The tabloid just happened to choose a blatantly false one.

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Brad Pitt and George Clooney ended their feud.

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