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Brad Pitt's Father's Day "plans" are the subject once again of a made-up story from a site that has previously claimed falsely to know how the actor will celebrate the day devoted to dads. It appears a particular blog is once more pretending to have inside information when it's actually doing nothing more than speculating about how Pitt will spend the day with the kids he shares with Angelina Jolie. In fact, even a casual read of the outlet's latest article proves it has no real insight whatsoever into how Pitt will spend Father's Day.

As is it's annual tradition, HollywoodLife has slapped together a story that purports to know Pitt's Father's Day plans. This time around, the outlet alleges it has a "source close to the actor" who leaks how Pitt would be satisfied just "hearing from his kids" on the holiday. Its "insider" adds, "seeing and talking to them" would really make Pitt's day.

The site, which is often referred to as HollywoodLies, then accidentally exposes two sentences that its latest article is phony. After swearing up and down that it has a "source close" to Pitt who fed the blog details about the actor's Father's Day "plans," the habitually debunked outlet writes, " It's unclear where the kids will be," before noting how the children have recently been with Jolie in New Mexico, where she's filming Those Who Wish Me Dead. Wait, how can it maintain it has a Pitt "insider" and yet not know whether Pitt will be "seeing" his children or instead hoping that he'll at least be "hearing" from them?

Undoubtedly, "someone close" to Pitt would surely know "where the kids will be," and what his exact plans are with them. The truth, however, is that the blog really doesn't know his plans and is, at best, guessing. As mentioned above, in the past the very same website fabricated Pitt's supposed Father's Day plans, and it blew up in HollywoodLife's face.

In 2017, for example, Gossip Cop busted the blog when the outlet made up another tale about Pitt's Father's Day plans, which it similarly claimed came from an insider, and included the family having a "skateboarding competition" and "paintball war" followed by a barbecue. At the time, a source within Pitt's camp assured us the story was a lie, and that no one truly close to him was discussing his kids with that site. In reality, though, far from fun and games at the actor's house, the children headed with Jolie to Ethiopia that Sunday.

But in an effort to cover its tracks, after having been caught lying, HollywoodLies tried to peddle a piece about how Jolie ruined Pitt's Father's Day plans by whisking the kids off to Africa at the last-minute. That, too, was inaccurate. There was a custody schedule in place, and Pitt knew well in advance the children would be with Jolie instead.

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by this newly concocted article. HollywoodLies has a habit of making up reports about how Pitt will spend holidays with his six children. Among its doozies was a piece about Pitt possibly going trick-or-treating with the kids and Jolie on Halloween.

That never happened, nor did Pitt and Jolie spend Christmas together with their kids after she filed for divorce. And, as Gossip Cop noted, Pitt did not spend last Thanksgiving with Jolie and their children, despite yet another absurd report. Again, while HollywoodLies acknowledges it's "unclear where the kids will be" this Father's Day, what is clear is the outlet is once again making up Pitt's plans for the holiday.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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