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Is Brad Pitt publicly "explaining why" Angelina Jolie "won't let him" see their children? That's what an Australian tabloid is trying to get readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can confirm the actor hasn't made any new comments on their breakup or custody arrangements.

The current cover of New Idea, however, has a small picture of Pitt and Jolie with the teaser, "Brad Tells: 483 Days Without My Kids; What Ange Did To Me." Similarly, the tabloid is announcing on its website, "Brad Pitt finally tells: What Ange did to me - and why I can't see the kids." The gossip magazine further touts "the actor reveals the shocking truth," but he hasn't revealed anything. Pitt spoke about Jolie and their kids in his GQ cover story that was released in May, but he has not given any public statements on the family's dynamics since then. And a quick search online will prove that.

Still, the outlet begins its tale by asserting, "It's been almost 500 days since Brad Pitt was seen out in public with his six kids - and the shocking reason why has left Hollywood horrified." Yes, a publication from Down Under is claiming to know that Hollywood is "horrified" over Pitt and Jolie's custody deal. The tabloid alleges "things have taken a turn for the worse," and that's why the star is "going public with claims he endured '12 years of hell' during his relationship" with Jolie.

If that phrase sounds familiar, it's because New Idea took it from Star, which recently published a cover blaring, "Brad: My 12 Years Of Hell With Angie!" The Australian magazine goes on to quote from the U.S. tabloid's story, which Gossip Cop debunked after it came out last month. Pitt didn't actually tell Star anything whatsoever about his time with Jolie, and the questionable assertions actually came from a supposed "source." And just as that publication tried to dupe readers into thinking the actor himself actually made shocking new comments about his relationship with Jolie, New Idea is trying to do the same, giving the false impression that he has publicly spoken about Jolie limiting his time with their kids.

But all the outlet has is a suspicious unnamed "insider," and Gossip Cop can't help but wonder if it's the same person who led New Idea to claim earlier this year that Pitt was dating Sandra Bullock. The magazine that majorly bungled that falsehood now wants readers to believe it has reliable insight on Pitt and his children. But New Idea is really just offering a deceptively packaged story that largely relies only already busted claims. Gossip Cop went back to Pitt's rep, who confirms the actor hasn't suddenly "explained" or "revealed" anything about Jolie and their kids, contrary to these allegations. In fact, we're told, Pitt is keeping such matters private.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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