Brad Pitt, Emilia Clarke NOT “Hot New Couple,” Despite Claim

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Brad Pitt Emilia Clarke New Couple

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Emilia Clarke New Couple

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An Australian tabloid is issuing a “hot new couple alert” for Brad Pitt and Emilia Clarke, but there’s no truth to this report about a blossoming romance. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

As has been widely reported, during an auction at a fundraiser for Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization earlier this month, Pitt bid on the opportunity to watch an episode of “Game of Thrones” with Clarke. Though the actor didn’t up winning, NW is now claiming that he “came away with an even better consolation prize… Em’s digits!” The gossip magazine is basing its narrative off a so-called “good friend of the actor,” but make no mistake: No real friend of Pitt’s would ever talk about him to the gossip media.

Nevertheless, this purported pal is quoted as saying, “Brad was disappointed that he lost the bid, but it was the perfect icebreaker to introduce himself to Emilia. He’s a massive fan of her show and has had a crush on her for years because of it.” What’s more is the outlet claims Clarke has been “at the top of Brad’s dream date list ever since he landed back on the singles scene” after his separation from Angelina Jolie. “So with that in mind,” alleges the publication, “as soon as the auction wrapped up, he went straight over to meet Emilia and asked if she’d still like to hang out.”

“Needless to say, Emilia couldn’t say yes fast enough,” contends the tabloid. The supposed “friend” even asserts, “I’m told they’re planning on getting together very soon.” And the magazine goes on to claim that Pitt is “already in the midst of planning the perfect day with Emilia and is talking about whisking her away” to Napa Valley for “some good food and wine.” Adds the alleged tipster, “He really wants it to go well.”

But the only thing that is remotely true about this tale is that Pitt did make a bid for a prize featuring Clarke during the charity auction. He didn’t do so, however, just to score time with her. In fact, Pitt also bid a VIP experience with the San Antonio Spurs, which he won. By not mentioning those efforts, NW is wrongly making it seem like he was abusing a philanthropic event and was only trying to get a date with Clarke.

That wasn’t his intention, and all the of claims about the pair exchanging numbers and making plans to hang out are untrue. And certainly, this outlet should not be taken credibly considering that just last month it claimed Pitt was going to be “reunited for the holidays” with Jennifer Aniston. Tellingly, that cover story isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new report, which maintains the actor was “last linked to Sienna Miller.” Of course, all of last year’s “new couple” rumors about Pitt and Miller were bogus, as is this one about him and Clarke now.

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