Is Brad Pitt’s Brother, Doug, An Anonymous Source For Tabloid Stories?

Two photos, one of Brad Pitt in a tan suit and one of Doug Pitt in a dark suit.

By Hugh Scott |

Two photos, one of Brad Pitt in a tan suit and one of Doug Pitt in a dark suit.

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Doug Pitt may not be one of the most famous people in the world like his brother, Brad Pitt, but he’s carved out just as good a life. A businessman and tireless philanthropist from Springfield, Missouri, where he and Brad grew up, he’s involved in a number of charities both in his hometown and across the globe. Doug is often contacted by tabloids about his famous brother, and for years, he gave them a “no comment.” More recently, he’s changed tactics. Now he just makes up stories.

How Doug Pitt digs at the tabloids

Brad Pitt is in the tabloids more often than just about any other celebrity. Hardly a day goes by that Gossip Cop doesn’t debunk a story about him and Jennifer Aniston or him and Angelina Jolie. Every single one of those stories quotes anonymous sources or so-called “insiders” that go unnamed. Maybe, just maybe, one of those sources is none other than Doug Pitt.

The anonymous source, often referred to as an “insider,” a “friend” or a “tipster,” is a common technique used by tabloids to sell the narrative the outlet is presenting. Most of the time, these “insiders” are either completely clueless or possibly even made up. It turns out, there is a third possibility.

Speaking to a magazine in Missouri, Doug was asked how he handles tabloids and paparazzi asking him about Brad. “I was ‘no comment’ for years,” the businessman told St. Louis Magazine. “Now, when I get calls from the paparazzi, I make up my own stories just to see if they’ll get into print.” So that crazy story you may have read about Brad adopting a child with Jennifer Aniston in Mexico or the one about Margot Robbie “crushing” on Brad? Those stories might have come from Brad’s own brother, though, probably not. Either way, they are all almost certainly made up.

The Pitt brothers strike back

He also gives the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine. “I’ve started taking photographs of them, and they don’t like it. I just started that recently,” he said. In fact, it was the paparazzi that started Doug’s love of photography.

The incident happened in 1993 when his brother was just starting to get famous. Brad was back in their hometown and, according to Doug, a few tabloid photographers were hiding in the woods, waiting to snap some pictures of Brad. With a few other friends, the brothers ran outside and scared off the photographers. One, in his haste, dropped his camera but didn’t stop to pick it up. Doug did, and he’s been serious about photography ever since.

If you’re wondering what Brad thinks about the stories Doug is making up for the tabloids, he probably isn’t. “His way of handling all the publicity is, he doesn’t read it. He doesn’t look. I’ll ask him about something, and he’ll have no idea what I’m talking about,” Doug said.