Brad Pitt Getting Dog For Companionship?

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Brad Pitt Dog

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Brad Pitt Dog

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Brad Pitt is getting a dog for companionship, according to a tabloid that is seemingly unaware he already has a dog. To exactly no one’s surprise, Gossip Cop can confirm this latest story about the actor was made-up.

The piece in question can be found in the new edition of the National Enquirer, under the headline, “Brad Panting Over Dog!” The article begins by asserting the “lonely” Pitt is “on the hunt for a furry new friend!” A purported “top breeder” is quoted as saying, “Brad has been searching for a dog. He is looking for an intelligent, loyal companion. But he is always obsessed with design and wants to get a pet that is beautiful, stylish and moves great.”

“He seems to have narrowed his search down to a poodle or a Portuguese water dog,” continues the gossip magazine’s supposed tipster. While that may sound plausible, particularly since Pitt’s interest in design is well-known, the sourcing here is fishy. This alleged information comes from a purported “top breeder,” but the actor likely wouldn’t be working with a specific breeder yet if he doesn’t know which kind of dog he wants. Though standard poodles and Portuguese water dogs are considered somewhat similar canines, responsible breeders typically specialize in a single breed.

What’s most strange is that nowhere does the outlet acknowledge that Pitt already has a pooch, and one that’s very different from poodles and Portuguese water dogs. The actor’s longtime pet is a bulldog, and the dog was actually mentioned multiple times in Pitt’s GQ cover story from earlier this year. In fact, Newsweek went as far as declaring Jacques was the “best thing” about Pitt’s interview. Yet here’s the National Enquirer acting like he doesn’t even have a dog and suddenly needs to get one to stem his loneliness. Of course, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Pitt to add another canine to his home, but that’s not even what the tabloid is claiming.

Frankly, the supermarket tabloid has a lot of nerve claiming it knows anything about the star at all, after last year falsely accusing Pitt of beating Angelina Jolie and their kids. The magazine even doctored a photo to give Jolie a fake bruised appearance. It takes a lot of gall to write about Pitt, even on subjects as seemingly innocuous as getting a dog, after telling outright lies like that. And, for the record, Gossip Cop is told that no breeder legitimately connected to the actor leaked any real details about him getting a dog to this magazine. A rep for Pitt also laughed off the tail, er, tale.

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