Brad Pitt Offering Angelina Jolie “Big Divorce Settlement” Of $100 Million Is Made-Up Story

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Brad Pitt Divorce Settlement Angelina Jolie

By Michael Lewittes |

Brad Pitt Divorce Settlement Angelina Jolie

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Brad Pitt did not offer Angelina Jolie a “big divorce settlement” of $100 million that she refused, despite a slew of inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop spent time investigating, and we’re told it’s untrue. A Pitt confidante tells us it’s “completely false.”

The inaccurate claim began with Life & Style, which asserts Jolie and Pitt have “reached a standstill” in their divorce.” The tabloid maintains “the reason for the deadlock is because Angelina wants to reconcile with her estranged husband, but Brad is not interested in getting back together.” A seemingly made-up “insider” is quoted as saying, “In hopes of getting Angie to sign off on the divorce, Brad started throwing huge financial settlement offers at her lawyer,” but she has “rejected every single offer, including the most recent one, for $100 million.”

Interestingly, in an effort to fill out its piece, the tabloid recaps the circumstance under which Jolie “filed for the divorce back in October 2016.” Actually, that’s wrong, too. Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016. Anyway, the magazine recounts how Pitt had allegedly “gotten physical with their eldest son [Maddox] while on a private jet.” That resulted in Jolie seeing a divorce and the actor being investigated (and later cleared) by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. Still, the outlet’s same supposed “insider” notes Pitt felt “too much damage” was done by Jolie’s depiction of him, and “he doesn’t trust Angelina anymore.”

As Gossip Cop has mentioned in other stories, the first sign that a purported “source” or “insider” is probably fake is when they can’t keep track of people’s names. In this instance, Life & Style’s alleged tipster alternately calls Jolie “Angelina” and “Angie.” Regardless of that error and the one about when she filed for divorce, we still throughly looked into the main claim about Pitt offering Jolie $100 million to settle the divorce and her rejecting his offer. An impeccable Pitt insider, who could not comment on the record, assures us it’s “completely false.”

Of course, this same tabloid that’s now maintaining “Brad is not interested in getting back together” with his estranged wife is the same publication that ran a cover story in May exclaiming Pitt and Jolie were “back together again” and “secretly dating” (below). And it’s the same magazine that Gossip Cop exposed a little more than a week ago when it made believe Pitt said, “I’m better off without Angie.” The publication says a lot about Jolie and Pitt, but often very little of it checks out.

Unfortunately, a number of lesser outlets picked up Life & Style’s story without bothering to fact-check it. Case in point: Celebrity Insider now has a story that wrongly alleges Pitt wanted Jolie to accept “a big divorce settlement,” but she declined. The claim can be repeated 100 million times in 100 million different ways, but Gossip Cop can assure you it’s still untrue. Their split is not being stalled, as alleged. Simply, Pitt and Jolie are privately working out their divorce.

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