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Brad Pitt did not "break" a purported "divorce deal" to introduce his supposed "new love" to his kids, despite a report. Gossip Cop actually already debunked a version of this false story when it appeared in a tabloid, but now it's being presented online slightly differently to dupe readers again. We can bust it once more.

According to the National Enquirer's website, Pitt "craftily flouted an agreement [with] soon-to-be-ex Angelina Jolie" by "using a FaceTime session to introduce his new love Neri Oxman to their kids." It's not said when this "digital meet-up" took place, but the gossip magazine claims Pitt and Oxman "were together in Cambridge, Mass." when she met his children through a video chat. The outlet does not explain how this "breaks" a "divorce deal," particularly considering Pitt and Jolie have yet to reach a "deal" in their divorce.

But upon learning Oxman had allegedly been introduced to her brood via FaceTime, Jolie's "reaction was nothing short of volcanic," contends the publication. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Angie's livid that Brad's brought his new lady into their children's lives." A second similarly unnamed and untraceable "source" also asserts, "It's been difficult for Angie to grasp Brad moving on — with Neri, or anyone else."

When this tale appeared in last week's print edition of the Enquirer, it was with the headline, "Brad's Kids Meet His Gal — And Angie Hits The Roof." Online, the angle is a bit different, with the tabloid's site declaring, "Brad Breaks Divorce Deal To Introduce New Love To The Kids." But the bottom line remains the same: None of this is true. There is no evidence that Pitt and Jolie have a "deal" that bars them from introducing significant others to their children, but regardless, Oxman is not the actor's "new love" and has no reason to meet his kids.

As first accurately reported by Page Six back in April, Pitt and the MIT professor share a "friendship" that "has not turned into romance." It makes little sense then to claim she'd be FaceTiming with his family, particularly when you consider that "Entertainment Tonight" has already reported that with Pitt's ongoing split from Jolie, he is "in no way ready to get serious with anyone." Generally, meeting the kids is typically viewed as a "serious" move in the dating world.

And while the magazine maintains this alleged chat between his children and Oxman took place while the star was in Massachusetts, Pitt hasn't been spotted at MIT since his visit last fall. There's been multiple sightings of him in Los Angeles in recent weeks, including on Thursday, when Pitt was seen arriving at a table read for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which he'll be filming in L.A. this summer.

Conclusion: When the National Enquirer first peddled this narrative in its magazine, the focus was on Jolie being angry Oxman met her kids. Now online, the premise is Pitt broke a "divorce deal," for which no details are provided, by introducing the scholar to their children. In both cases, the outlet tellingly cannot provide a date for this introduction, and Pitt has not been seen in Massachusetts since last year. And given that he and Oxman aren't dating, it makes little sense to allege he introduced her to his family, and makes even less sense to claim Jolie is upset about a nonexistent romance and an equally nonexistent meeting. A little over a week has passed between the print and digital versions of this storyline, yet the publication still cannot provide any evidence to substantiate its contentions, while there's considerable proof to disprove them. As such, Gossip Cop is rating this story a zero, just like the previous one.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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