Brad Pitt Did NOT Apologize To Jennifer Aniston Over Angelina Jolie, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Apology Angelina Jolie

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Apology Angelina Jolie

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Brad Pitt did not apologize to Jennifer Aniston for leaving her for Angelina Jolie, despite a late and wrong tabloid report that Gossip Cop already corrected. We can once again set the record straight.

Last week, In Touch published a bogus cover story claiming Pitt made a “love confession” to Aniston and apologized for “everything he put her through” during their marriage, including dumping the actress for Jolie. Gossip Cop exclusively busted this report, but that didn’t stop The Sun from picking it up and regurgitating it.

The British outlet reiterates In Touch’s phony assertion that Aniston was “overcome with emotion” by her ex-husband’s supposed amends, so much so that she “broke down in tears.” The Sun further cites the fellow tabloid’s phony source as saying, “He apologized to Jen for being an absentee husband, for being stoned and bored much of the time… It was the most intimate conversation Brad and Jen have ever had.”

Based on In Touch’s inaccurate information, the unreliable magazine goes on to say the ex-spouses have “reached a level of closeness” they haven’t shared since divorcing in 2005. But as Gossip Cop already noted, this alleged “intimate conversation” between the two simply never happened. A rep for Aniston exclusively told us last week that the story is a “complete fabrication.”

In fact, Gossip Cop has debunked several variations of this tale in the past few months. In Touch published a very similar cover story in June claiming Pitt was “in love” with Aniston again after becoming sober, and had apologized for causing the breakup of their marriage. A rep for Pitt, however, told us the report was “total nonsense.” Shortly before that bogus article, the tabloid’s sister publication, Life & Style, made up a story about Pitt making an amends to Aniston as part of his recovery from drugs and alcohol. Despite this narrative constantly getting recycled, there’s simply no truth to it.

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