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A new story claiming Brad Pitt loves how his daughter Vivienne looks like Angelina Jolie is made-up. It comes from a site known for fabricating articles and manufacturing "source" quotations. The truth is no one from Pitt's camp is sharing his inner thoughts with blogs.

HollywoodLife, which is often referred to as HollywoodLies, proves from the start that it knows very little about the estranged spouses. The outlet asserts Pitt can "still appreciate" seeing Jolie's physical attributes in their kids even though he and the actress "are divorced." But as even a casual observer of celebrity news would know, Jolie and Pitt are not divorced yet, making it nearly impossible to believe the repeatedly discredit blog has any insight whatsoever into their lives.

Next, HollywoodLies tips off what prompted it to make up its latest article. After noting how recent photos of Jolie taking Vivienne to a martial arts class in Los Angeles led some to remark on their striking resemblance, the outlet writes it was "not the only ones who thought that," and that Pitt himself "loves how much Vivienne looks like Angie." In an effort to lend credence to its concocted report, the habitually disproven site alleges it has a "source close to Brad" who says, despite the actor's differences with Jolie, "it warms his heart to see the kids taking after her looks-wise."

The outlet, which has previously been caught fabricating quotations, then contends an anonymous "source close to Angelina" shares how "it warms her heart to think the kids are taking on some of the amazing qualities... in Brad." Wait, HollywoodLies would like its readers to believe an unnamed Pitt source said "it warms his heart," while a completely different Jolie tipster uttered the same words, "It warms her heart"? Not only is the blog untrustworthy, but it's also clearly not very creative.

Here's what is really going on. As mentioned above, after a number of sites pointed out how the 10-year-old appears to be a mini-me of her famous mom, HollywoodLies crafted its phony piece about Pitt's reaction. But does the blog really think it can dupe its visitors into believing that until those pictures were published in the Daily Mail and other places, Pitt never noticed how much his three biological kids look like him and Jolie?

Obviously, it's an absurdity. As well-documented, the site has a pattern of taking stories posted by different outlets and then pretending it has unique insight into the situation. Among the problems for HollywoodLies is that it rarely fact-checks, and so the angles it makes up for its articles are sometimes predicated on untrue and inaccurate information.

For instance, HollywoodLies posted an entirely bogus story that Gossip Cop busted about how it discovered Pitt had been secretly dating Neri Oxman for six months. The site spun that tale after other outlets had wrongly alleged they were romantically involved. But, as Gossip Cop rightly reported from the start, and Oxman herself later stated, the two never dated and only had a professional relationship.

HollywoodLies also made up a fake story about Jolie being "upset" Pitt was dating Ella Purnell. That falsehood was slapped together after In Touch claimed Pitt was "falling" for the star of "Sweetbitter," which he produced for Starz. But, as Purnell later tweeted, she had never even met Pitt.

HollywoodLies has been engaging in this type of trickery ever since it was announced Jolie and Pitt were divorcing in September 2016. Within hours of that shocking news, the questionable outlet published a piece about how George Clooney was offering Pitt divorce advice and support, with a nameless Pitt source maintaining, "Brad is leaning on George," who feels their "marriage can be saved." Of course, at the time the site published its work of fiction, Clooney wasn't even aware Jolie and Pitt were divorcing, and when asked that day by CNN to comment on their split, he admitted, "That's the first I've heard of it."

To recap: The website begins its article by falsely contending Pitt and Jolie "are divorced." And unlike Gossip Cop, HollywoodLies never identifies or lists its supposed sources who frequently are disproven. Additionally, its quotes, such as the ones about how Pitt loves that Vivienne looks like Jolie, appear to be fake. As we've noted in the past, Gossip Cop relies on facts, while HollywoodLife routinely publishes fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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