Daily Mail Flip-Flops On Brad Pitt Dating Jennifer Lawrence

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Lawrence Dating Daily Mail

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Jennifer Lawrence Dating Daily Mail

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After wrongly reporting on Wednesday that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are dating, the Daily Mail is now acknowledging that the claim is “completely false.” However, not only does the correction come after Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the romance rumors, but the tabloid fails to mention that it initially got the story wrong.

This week’s cover of Star declares: “J. Law & Brad: It’s On!” It’s not. Unfortunately, several outlets picked up and spread the inaccurate story without bothering to do any fact-checking, the Daily Mail being among them. Gossip Cop even noted in our bust on Wednesday that the online version of the newspaper regurgitated the bogus article.

On Thursday, however, the British tabloid decided to change its tune. After contending in its initial headline that Pitt and Lawrence are “enjoying late nights together,” the outlet has rewritten its story and added the new headline, “It is ‘completely false’: Brad Pitt is NOT dating Jennifer Lawrence despite claims they ‘have an intense connection.'” Only, this article wasn’t published as a follow-up or a retraction. Instead, the untrustworthy tabloid changed its original headline, but left the majority of its inaccurate story intact.

The publication further claims to have gotten a denial from “a source close to” the actor, but this “source” was nowhere to be found on Wednesday. On the other hand, Pitt’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop from the get-go that Star’s cover story is entirely “false.” A rep for Lawrence also confirmed that she’s not dating the fellow movie star. If the Daily Mail actually had reliable insiders, why did the outlet first wrongly report that the pair were dating?

What’s even more frustrating is that aside from coming up with a new headline and first paragraph, the outlet didn’t bother to change the remainder of its original story, which still includes all of Star’s phony quotes about Pitt and Lawrence’s nonexistent relationship. When it comes to journalism, issuing a retraction and apology for an honest mistake is acceptable. However, spreading a lie and then concealing it with a rewrite isn’t excusable.

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