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While most of the time the tabloids seem to want readers to believe Brad Pitt has reunited with Jennifer Aniston, the gossip media has also falsely linked him to a slew of other women. Gossip Cop looked at five wrong dating rumors about Pitt last month. Now check out even more examples below.

In March of 2017, New Idea published fake news about Pitt and Sandra Bullock being a couple. The article claimed she had dumped her boyfriend Bryan Randall before she and Pitt "discreetly started seeing each other." They were said to be "taking things 'to the next level' after a string of secret dates and private phone calls," and it was even alleged they had been set up by none other than George Clooney. Nothing about this tall tale was accurate, however. As Gossip Cop explained at the time, Bullock and Randall were still together. In fact they still are more than 12 months later. Just two weeks ago, Randall joined Bullock at the Ocean's 8 premiere in London. She and Pitt may have the Ocean's franchise in common, but they don't share a love life.

Almost exactly a year ago, New Idea moved on from Bullock to allege Pitt was seen on a date with Elle Macpherson. The outing was said to include a "lot of flirting," with the assertion that they "definitely seemed cozy together, like a couple on an intimate date." It didn't take long for the allegations to spread to sites like RadarOnline, which didn't bother to fact-check before regurgitating the romance claims. But we took the time to investigate, with a rep for Pitt telling Gossip Cop on the record that reports linking him to the model were "not true." Other reputable publications also confirmed Pitt wasn't dating Macpherson.

After Pitt was baselessly linked to Charlotte Casiraghi, New Idea ridiculously claimed last December that they were planning to have a child together. A so-called "source" alleged the actor "told Charlotte he'd love to have a baby with her," and that they were "busy trying to fall pregnant." Maintained this untraceable insider, "Brad doesn't care that it's pretty soon in their relationship, he feels like Charlotte and he are meant to be." Of course, Pitt and Casiraghi were never seen together even once, which made the notion that they were trying to have a baby pretty laughable. Gossip Cop busted the fabricated story at the time, and in March Casiraghi became engaged to Dimitri Rassam, though she has reportedly postponed a wedding because she's pregnant with their child.

Also in December, Star published a cover story declaring it was "on" between Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence. It was alleged that after having "his eye on" the actress for years, he scored Lawrence's phone number from a pal, and they were now "enjoying lots of late nights together." It was even said their friends had their "fingers crossed" all would work out. Well, nothing worked out because Pitt and Lawrence weren't involved. Both their individual spokespeople assured Gossip Cop that they weren't dating, and Lawrence herself denied the dating rumor a few months later, calling it "very random." But showing her sense of humor, she also joked, "But, I also wasn't like in a huge hurry to debunk it."

Earlier this year, Pitt was tied to yet another Oscar winner when NW peddled a story contending he was "casually wining and dining" Halle Berry. It was claimed the stars were having "very top secret meet ups at one of the bungalows at the Hotel Bel-Air." Naturally, the tabloid purported to have Angelina Jolie's reaction, maintaining it was driving her "nuts" that Berry was "with" Pitt after previously co-starring with her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, in Monster's Ball. But neither the dating allegations nor Jolie's supposed response were legitimate, though Pitt and Berry have known each other for years. Their respective reps both dismissed the relationship report to Gossip Cop, and the last five months have proven that nothing is going on between them.

In fact, nothing is going on romantically between Pitt and any woman right now. As "Entertainment Tonight" reported just days ago, Pitt is "choosing fatherhood over dating," and opting to focus on spending his summer with his kids when allowed. The ongoing filming of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is his only other priority. Dating just isn't important to him right now. Still, Gossip Cop expects the tabloids will keep linking him to various stars regardless. That means we'll continue to bust the wrong rumors as needed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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