Brad Pitt Looking To Date Under The Radar After Angelina Jolie?

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Brad Pitt Dating

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Brad Pitt Dating

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Is Brad Pitt looking to date under the radar after Angelina Jolie? That’s the claim from a website that has a track record for manufacturing stories about the actor. Gossip Cop can bust the outlet’s latest made-up tale.

The report is from HollywoodLife, a blog so well-known for its unsubstantiated articles that it’s often referred to as HollywoodLies. The frequently discredited site contends Pitt is going to put a premium on his “privacy” when he picks “new people to date.” The outlet asserts an “insider” just shared how the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star now “values his privacy.”

Of course, virtually everyone values their own privacy. This isn’t unique, and it’s rather odd that this feeling would suddenly pop up now for Pitt after more than two and a half years of a divorce and custody battle. The rest of the report babbles on about how Pitt wants privacy as well for his kids, as if that’s also a novel concept.

It bears mentioning Gossip Cop has been assured on several occasions by Pitt’s camp that HollywoodLies fabricates stories about the actor. We’ve also been told the blog routinely runs concocted tales even after it has been warned that its narratives are untrue. So maybe it’s not surprising the outlet makes no mention of all the fictitious articles it has posted about the actor’s supposed romances post-Jolie in its new piece about how Pitt plans to date more under the radar following his divorce from the Oscar-winning actress.

Well, Gossip Cop has a very long memory and even longer archives, and we didn’t forget about when the website spread a lie about Pitt dating Kate Hudson just two months after Jolie filed for divorce from him. Not only did Gossip Cop correct it, but Hudson later debunked it as well. That was followed by yet another inaccurate article by HollywoodLife about Pitt dating Ella Purnell, who quickly shot down the wrong rumor on Twitter and noted she had never even met the actor.

After that, the site posted several made-up stories about Pitt dating MIT professor Neri Oxman, who also publicly stated she was never romantically involved with him. Despite Gossip Cop having stated from the beginning the actor was not in a relationship with Oxman, HollywoodLies still insisted it had learned from sources that Jennifer Aniston was upset Pitt was dating the Jolie lookalike.” It then alleged Jolie was in a “rage” about Pitt dating and being in a relationship. But the truth is, if that outlet truly had a Pitt “insider,” as it now maintains, it would have never run any of its previously false girlfriend and dating claims.


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