Brad Pitt “Christmas With My Kids” Cover Story Is Made-Up

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Brad Pitt Christmas Kids OK Cover

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Christmas Kids OK Cover

(OK Magazine)

A new tabloid cover announcing “Brad Pitt: Christmas With My Kids” was completely made-up. The front of the issue promises to take readers “inside the secret reunion,” even though the holiday hasn’t even taken place yet. Gossip Cop can expose this all as a fabrication.

OK! deceptively crafted a cover that makes it seem like the gossip magazine knows how Pitt spent Christmas with the children he shares with Angelina Jolie. This was designed to fool consumers, who will see the edition still on newsstands after the holiday. What’s more is that readers are also being misled with the cover image, which makes it look like Pitt posed with Maddox, Pax and Shiloh in front of Christmas decorations. In actuality, it’s an image of the family at the 2014 premiere of Unbroken that was photoshopped with the holiday scenery digitally added to the background. The tabloid even went as far as swapping Pitt’s face for a more recent headshot to further make it seem like this is a recent photo. It is not.

After all those manipulations, the actual story itself is about what the actor supposedly plans on doing with his family for the holiday. “In a true yuletide miracle,” contends the article, “Brad’s preparing to host his entire brood at his home in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood for Christmas.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “He was afraid he’d be spending the holiday alone, but Angie agreed the children should be with their father.” This supposed source further alleges, “She’ll have the kids for Christmas Eve and Brad will get Christmas Day.”

That contradicts a report from earlier this month from the same the publication that actually alleged Pitt and Jolie were going to celebrate Christmas together. Rather than explain its conflicting claims, the tabloid just goes on to detail how Pitt has supposedly “gone a bit overboard in preparation to play Santa, ordering half a dozen Christmas trees and splurging on gifts.” As the article goes on, another deception is revealed. While the front of the edition features the quote, “Sober Brad is the perfect dad,” in the full story, the line from another purported “insider” reads, “[Jolie’s] confident he’ll be the perfect dad.”

The reason why there are all these inconsistencies as well as distortions is because OK! apparently doesn’t have real “insiders.” While it’s true Pitt is a bigger part of his kids’ lives now than he was a year ago, no one close to him is sharing his Christmas plans with the tabloid, his rep confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop. In fact, we’ve been repeatedly told that Pitt’s camp is declining to discuss such personal information with the gossip media precisely because it involves the children, whose privacy should be protected. Too bad the magazine would rather sell copies than respect that.

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