Where Is Brad Pitt And Charlize Theron’s Baby?

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A photo of Brad Pitt on the left in a dark suit and a photo of Charlize Theron on the right in a black dress

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Brad Pitt on the left in a dark suit and a photo of Charlize Theron on the right in a black dress

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Nine months ago, a tabloid reported Charlize Theron was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby. Not only was the story untrue, but it was based on an ongoing false narrative about the two stars dating. As Gossip Cop made clear at the time, the two haven’t welcomed a child.

This past February, the Globe wrongly reported Pitt and Theron were having a baby. The unreliable tabloid quoted what it called a “source” as saying, “As shocking as it sounds, Charlize and Brad couldn’t be happier they’re having a baby.” The alleged insider added, “He and Charlize have told a few of their friends and she’s even starting to show.” It was all part of a much larger phony narrative about Pitt and Theron being a couple. Gossip Cop debunked that notion every time it emerged in a tabloid.

The two stars have never dated and Theron was most definitely not pregnant with Pitt’s baby nine months ago. Gossip Cop first busted the romance rumors in October 2018 when the Globe’s sister publication, Star, claimed Pitt and Theron had been dating for the past year, meeting up around the world for “secret hookups.” The reason the two met up covertly was, according to a supposed “insider,” because Pitt feared Angelina Jolie would use it against him in their ongoing custody battle. The story wasn’t true, of course, and Gossip Cop made that clear.

The meetings were so secretive, in fact, that Theron herself seems not to have known about them. Last month, the actress appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside her co-stars in the upcoming film Bombshell, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. During the show, DeGeneres playfully went through a list of possible celebrities for Theron to date. One of the names DeGeneres threw out was Pitt, to which Theron joked, “I apparently did. I had an entire relationship I didn’t even know about.”

Theron, of course, is referring to all of the silly rumors that the tabloids were propagating. The Globe has been one of the most prominent sources of the bogus rumor. In February, days after its untrue article about the pregnancy, the tabloid ran a cover story alleging Jolie was having a health crisis over Pitt and Theron’s romance. Gossip Cop once again set the record straight, but the tabloid wasn’t done with the bogus premise.

Just one week later, the same publication concocted a tale that Pitt betraying Theron by going to Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party. Gossip Cop once again had to step in and clarify that the actress still wasn’t dating the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star.

Finally, the Globe wrapped up its fairy tale romance (emphasis on fairy tale) by concluding that Pitt was dumped by Theron for “two-timing” her with Aniston. This means, in the course of a month, Theron was pregnant with Pitt’s baby, causing Jolie to have a nervous breakdown, but then Pitt reunited with Aniston, so Theron dumped him. That’s one heck of a whirlwind romance that Theron missed out on! Gossip Cop didn’t miss anything though. We were correct in our reporting nine months ago and time has proven as much. No baby has been born out of a nonexistent romance.


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