Brad Pitt is not buying a new place in the so-called "L.A. Arts District" to turn into a studio and gallery, despite yet another manufactured report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. We're told HollywoodLife not only made up or relied upon bad information for its story, but it also didn't bother to fact-check the claims.

After contending that in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie, Pitt has "found comfort spending time in the L.A. arts district, known as Frogtown," the outlet alleges he's "now looking for a new place to purchase in the hip neighborhood." Naturally, HollywoodLies, as it's known, cites an unnamed source who says Pitt wants to buy and "convert one of the warehouses into a studio and art gallery." Why? Well, according to the webloid, he "wants to help new and upcoming artists have a voice, somewhere they can showcase their work." "He feels a sense of comfort here because every one treats him like a regular person," adds the site's supposed source.

So how does a site that HollywoodLies, which has been caught concocting fake news stories so many times, know about Pitt's proposed arts project? Did it miraculously scoop other outlets with better track records? A skeptic would say the often discredited blog simply saw paparazzi photos of Pitt in Frogtown and leapt at the opportunity to create a whole narrative about him buying property there. (For the record, the L.A. arts district is not the same area as Frogtown. Whoops.) Anyway, a reporter like Gossip Cop, for instance, would reach out to mutual pals of ours and Pitt's and see if that's actually part of the actor's game plan.

And we did just that. Guess what? A friend in common tells us the site's claim is "BS." We also reached out to Pitt's publicist for a comment, something the webloid apparently couldn't be bothered to do. Pitt's spokesman assures Gossip Cop the art gallery story is not true. But HollywoodLies didn't dare fact-check it claims because, if it did, they would have to note in their article that a rep said it was false, and the site almost never lets the truth get in the way of one of its "exclusive" stories.

Now why would Gossip Cop even question the veracity of the outlet's report? Perhaps because HollywoodLies is the same site that recently cobbled together a fake news story about Jennifer Aniston talking to Pitt about making a movie together. It's also the same blog that got the ball rolling on the fictitious Pitt dating Kate Hudson articles. Think of HollywoodLife as the like Burger King of entertainment sites. It loves selling whoppers, and it's not very good for you.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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