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HollywoodLife publishes a lot of tall tales, and its latest fake news story claims to know details about how Brad Pitt is going to spend his birthday with his kids. Yes, there's a good chance the actor will be with his children. But there's an even better chance that no one from his camp shared such personal information with a website that's so known for fabricating articles about Pitt and other celebrities that it's often called HollywoodLies.

Pitt's birthday is coming up in two weeks and, according to that site's serial fabricators, the "family has big plans." Mind you, the same repeatedly discredited outlet ran an article in June, for instance, in which it claimed Pitt's big plans for Father's Day included a "paintball war" and "skateboarding competition" at his home. In reality, however, the Pitt wasn't with his children because Angelina Jolie jet out of town with the kids on Father's Day.

In any event, HollywoodLies begins it new story by noting the actor has "been adjusting to the single life again." Oddly, though, the blog doesn't mention anything about how it falsely reported that a single Pitt dated Ella Purnell or Kate Hudson. You see, even though the site pretends to have Pitt "insiders," its sources wrongly claimed in a series of "exclusive" articles that the actor dated those two women and others since his split with Jolie.

Next, in its newest speculative article, HollywoodLies claims to have an "insider" who shared that Pitt's kids "Maddox and Pax have told their dad that they're going to cook him a special birthday dinner, and the girls are going to make him a cake." Read that sentence again, and it should become obvious that the blog manufactured this phony story and its quotations. Think about it: Who could have possibly told the site the kids' plans? Since it's obviously not from Jolie or anyone in her camp, and it's not from Pitt or his inner circle, because they wouldn't be privy to the youngster's plans, the "insider" would have to be either some creepy person talking to little children or entirely made-up.

Of course, there are no details in HollywoodLies' story about what will supposedly be served at the "special birthday dinner." There's also no mention of what type of cake his daughters will be baking. The reason there are no specifics is because it's all bogus.

HollywoodLies then fills out the rest of its concocted article with fake quotes that it previously published, including one incredibly non-insightful remark about how "Brad wants nothing more than to be with his children on all their milestones." Seriously, what father doesn't want to spend birthdays and other big occasions with his kids? As Gossip Cop noted, the blog has a penchant for fabricating tall tales about Pitt and his family's birthdays.

Irrespective of the frequency in which the outlet is caught manufacturing reports, Gossip Cop still checked in with a Pitt insider, and we're told no one from his camp shared any information about his birthday with HollywoodLies. More significantly, as we've mentioned in the past, no person connected to Pitt discusses his children in any manner with gossip sites. At best, the blog is simply guessing about Pitt's birthday plans with his kids. At worst, HollywoodLife is spreading more fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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