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(Life And Style)

Brad Pitt never said he's "better off without" Angelina Jolie. Gossip Cop can expose a new tabloid cover story as completely made up. We're told the entire claim is "manufactured."

Life & Style is featuring a misleading cover this week that blares, "Brad: I'm Better Off Without Angie." Pitt did not say this. And you will not find it in a search online from any legitimate outlet. That's probably why inside the edition, there's a different headline. The article is titled, "Brad & Angie Divorce Deadlock." Perhaps the gossip magazine didn't think that line would sell as many copies as a made-up Pitt quote. But just as the quote is phony, the story itself is also bogus.

According to the tabloid, Jolie now "doesn't want their marriage to be over" and "wants a second chance," but "Brad isn't interested." The publication contends, "The star is telling pals he has a 'million reasons' why he'll never reconcile with Angie and that he's better off without her." That's where the quote from the cover comes from. After trying to grab readers' attention by making it seem like Pitt actually made the comment, the magazine acknowledges in the article itself that it's not actually a direct quote and really just something he's supposedly "telling pals." But Gossip Cop is told that he never even insinuated such a remark to friends, nor would any real "pals" leak it to the gossip media if he did.

This report continues to be problematic when it asserts that Pitt has been "linked to a bevy of new beauties" since his separation from Jolie. Listed are Kate Hudson, Charlotte Casiraghi, Sienna Miller and Ella Purnell. But if the magazine had real insight on the actor, it would know that he hasn't had anything to do romantically with any of these women.

Not only did Gossip Cop first bust the Pitt-Purnell rumor when In Touch tried peddling it last month, but the actress herself later tweeted, "Literally never met the guy! Swear on my mamas life." We also debunked false claims tying him to Casiraghi and were proven right about Pitt having never dated Miller. Additionally, Hudson herself even denied the dating rumors just a few weeks ago.

A tabloid with genuine inside access and authentic sources wouldn't regurgitate already disproven claims, and the outlet is clearly not telling the truth when its so-called "insider" maintains Pitt has "gone on a number of secret dates." This is, after all, the same publication that lied in May about Pitt and Jolie being "back together again" and "secretly dating." It's telling that that prior cover story isn't mentioned in this new one about Jolie supposedly wanting to reconcile and Pitt refusing.

So, what does Life & Style really have here? Well, there's a made-up quote on the cover, unsubstantiated quotes throughout the piece, false claims about Pitt being involved with famous women, and no acknowledgment that the magazine previously insisted he and Jolie had reunited. That all adds up to a poorly concocted story that has no legitimacy. The whole thing was "manufactured," as Pitt's rep put it to Gossip Cop. That seems abundantly clear.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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