Brad Pitt Did NOT Beat Angelina Jolie And Kids, Despite Report

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Brad Pitt Beat Angelina Jolie Kids

By Holly Nicol |

Brad Pitt Beat Angelina Jolie Kids

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Brad Pitt did NOT beat Angelina Jolie and their kids, despite an “explosive” tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim, which further alleges Jolie has photos to prove it. We’re told it’s all “not true.”

According to National Enquirer, Pitt “beat [a] terrified Angelina Jolie and their kids,” and was “abusive” to his family. A so-called “source” tells the supermarket tabloid that while still with Pitt, Jolie was “living in fear for herself and the six children she shared with Brad.” What’s more, the publication claims Jolie has a “treasure trove” of what it terms “chilling photos” of her and the kids allegedly beaten that she “stashed [away] during their relationship,” and which she’ll supposedly use to “prove it in divorce court.”

While it’s true in the course of the argument between Jolie and Pitt aboard their private jet that there was contact between the actor and his oldest child, 15-year-old Maddox, Pitt did not “beat” his son or act in a manner that we’re told was “inappropriate.” Nor was Jolie a “battered” wife, as she’s referred to in the tabloid’s article. An impeccable Pitt insider, who admits the actor was drunk and not on his best behavior on the plane, exclusively assures Gossip Cop that allegations of him having “beat up Jolie and their kids,” as claimed on the Enquirer‘s cover, are categorically “not true” and “out of control.”

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by the publication’s “explosive” claim. Earlier, Gossip Cop corrected a completely manufactured report in the same tabloid that falsely asserted Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had a secret reunion in a New York hotel just weeks before Jolie filed for divorce. A rep for Aniston exclusively assured Gossip Cop that article was entirely “fabricated.” Similarly, the cover story’s allegation that Pitt would “beat” his family, and Jolie has a “treasure trove” of photographic proof, is totally untrue.

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Brad Pitt beat Angelina Jolie and their kids.


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