Brad Pitt Talks Battling George Clooney For Movies

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Brad Pitt George Clooney Movie Battle

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt George Clooney Movie Battle

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Brad Pitt says he and George Clooney, who both own film production companies, often compete for the rights to books they want to adapt into movies. Pitt also explained how he beat out his famous pal to produce The Big Short, an upcoming comedy about the financial crisis.

Pitt recently outbid Clooney, as well, for the rights to make Law of the Jungle, a film adaptation of a novel about a court battle over pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He was then asked by New York magazine if “things get competitive” between them.

In all fairness, he outbid me on Argo,” Pitt responded. “But, yeah, it can get competitive. We do naturally have a lot of the same tastes and interests.” As far as how he nabbed The Big Short from Clooney, Pitt said, “I think maybe we got the upper hand at auction because Michael Lewis and I got tight on Moneyball.” Lewis is the author who wrote the books on which both The Big Short and Moneyball are based.

But despite having a cast that includes Steve Carell, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling, Pitt went on to reveal that he had to take a supporting role to get The Big Short funded. “It’s complicated material, it’s a gamble,” noted the actor. “They need some guarantee with marquee. So often I jump in and take a part first because I love the project, and I gotta get in to make sure it gets made.”

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