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Every time the press catches wind that Brad Pitt is seeing someone new, a tabloid wildfire will inevitably ensue. Ever since the Interview with a Vampire star was spotted going out with model Nicole Poturalski, every magazine under the sun has a new story to sell. According to one report, Pitt is now furious with Poturalski because she’s leaking his secrets. Gossip Cop investigates this report of improper reveals.

‘Brad Blasts New Babe’

According to the National Enquirer, Pitt is feeling paranoid during his ongoing custody battle with Angelina Jolie. As the proceedings roll on, he is now telling Poturalski to cease spilling “juicy secrets about their steamy romance.” Things could escalate in a big way now that she’s “mulling over a full-blown tell-all.”

Pitt has “confided a lot of intimate secrets” to Poturalski that he “probably shouldn’t have,” a source tells the outlet. She’s started to “let slip about a lot of things,” which has enraged Pitt. She posted a caption that said “happy people don’t hate” on Instagram in what could be a direct slight at Jolie, which does the actor no favors during his custody battle.

Pitt’s friends are worried about Poturalski’s motives, especially because she’s believed to be in an open marriage. “Nicole is bragging to pals” about the relationship and is going into “too much detail, especially with her bad-mouthing of Angelina,” the report says. If Poturalski did go through with “a full sit-down interview once they split up,” it “would be an absolute disaster” for the Fight Club star.

What Secrets Are Leaking?

This story is all over the place. Neither Pitt nor Poturalski have publicly commented on whatever their relationship is, so there’s no truth to her divulging any secrets. What even are those secrets supposed to be anyway? As for the attack on Jolie, let’s look at the Instagram post in question.

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Happy people dont hate ????????????

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If that’s an attack on Jolie, then thousands of influencers and bloggers are attacking Jolie every minute of every day. It’s a positive but fairly generic comment to make and would in no way affect Pitt’s divorce proceedings of all things. The tell-all interview that could happen is the only speculation, as tabloid tell-alls pretty much never happen.

There is no truth to this story whatsoever. Gossip Cop will readily point out that if Poturalski is so freely spilling Pitt’s secrets, then why wouldn’t the Enquirer, not exactly known for its discretion or understanding, publish some of these already-leaked “intimate secrets”? It must keep everything wickedly vague because no secrets have leaked at all. It’s a made-up story preying on both Pitt’s divorce and the lack of awareness of who Poturalski is.

This Isn't A Big Surprise

For an example of a bogus tell-all, look no further than the Enquirer’s recent story about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle using secret royal footage for a tell-all documentary. The Sussexes have made it clear they will not make a reality show, but promising a tell-all gets the reader to imagine all the juicy secrets which could be revealed. Another example is its story about a Jennifer Aniston tell-all memoir. The article didn’t say what Aniston would specifically reveal (she’s not working on any book at all), just that she could reveal secrets. It’s an easy story to manufacture, hence why the tabloids print them so often.

As for Pitt, this is the same tabloid who once said he would quit acting to pursue beekeeping. That story was so absurd that it makes you question if these supposed sources close to Pitt exist at all. This bizarre story about leaked secrets impacting divorce proceedings is totally false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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