Untrue Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Stories Top Search Results

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt

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Two untrue stories about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have topped search results, leaving fans of the divorcing couple to mistakenly be under the impression that they secretly met and called a “truce.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, Pitt and Jolie did not recently have a secret get-together nor have they put an end to their acrimonious custody battle. Both claims are false, yet they’re coming up as the supposed best results for “Angelina Jolie.” See screenshot below.

The very first result for a Google search of “Angelina Jolie” yielded a story from the India-based site, BollywoodLife. According to the report, Jolie “waved the white flag” and decided to make things work with Pitt. The blog then quoted an “Entertainment Tonight” story that Gossip Cop already busted. In the piece, a seemingly made-up “source” allegedly said, “Brad and Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house… Brad and Angie’s meeting was a success.” As we noted when we first corrected the phony premise, no real “insider” would first call the actress “Angelina” and then a sentence later refer to her as “Angie.”

Not only were the quotations questionable, but the original article as well as BollywoodLife’s story also don’t mention when the purported sit-down took place. And the reason for that glaring omission is that the supposed meeting “never happened,” a Pitt insider assured Gossip Cop on condition of anonymity. Yet, without any particular proof or specifics, the regurgitated tale about Jolie and Pitt having secretly met topped search results for the actress’s name.

But that wasn’t the only falsehood people looking up Jolie would find. A story from the often discredit site, Celebrity Insider, similarly alleged Pitt and Jolie have called a “truce.” The outlet even wrote, “If the reports are true, this could be a step towards finalizing the divorce and moving on.” So basically, the blog acknowledges that the reports may not actually even be true, and yet that was good enough to earn the story a position as the second best result for people searching “Angelina Jolie.”

As Gossip Cop previously noted, Jolie and Pitt did not call a “truce.” The two are very much in the midst of a custody battle that, at times, has become extremely bitter. Just a month ago, Jolie accused Pitt on not paying “meaningful” child support. Meanwhile, Pitt shot back that he’s given Jolie millions of dollars since their split. If you want the truth, it’s probably best to search just for “Gossip Cop,” because the latest results for “Angelina Jolie” are factually inaccurate.

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