Brad Pitt “Not Confident” Angelina Jolie Can Make Relationship “Work” Is Made-Up Story

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Relationship Work

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Relationship Work

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A story spreading that claims Brad Pitt is “not confident” Angelina Jolie can make a relationship “work” was made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegations. The actor has not expressed any such thoughts about his estranged wife.

But The Inquisitr is contending Jolie is “ready for love,” and quotes a supposed source from Celebrity Insider as saying, “She would really love to be with someone, but understands the baggage… that she brings.” That line is actually from a faux HollywoodLife “exclusive” about Jolie being “anxious to fall in love again.” Gossip Cop busted that fabricated tale a few days. Basically, it’s all a game of telephone at its worst.

In any event, The Inquisitr regurgitates “recent rumors” about Pitt, namely that he “does not believe that his estranged wife is able to make a relationship work.” An unattributed quote asserts, “Brad understands that the best, most healthy, and long-lasting relationships need a lot of compromises so whoever has a shot at marrying Jolie will need to give up a lot to fit into her challenging lifestyle.” Note the odd use of “Brad” and “Jolie,” rather than “Brad” and “Angelina” or “Pitt” and “Jolie.”

The website goes on to allege that although Pitt wishes Jolie the “best,” he “sees her numerous failed relationships and marriages as evidence that the perfect guy for Angelina simply may not exist… Brad does not believe that Angelina can have a successful marriage.” These allegations are a bit strange since they could be turned right back around on Pitt. Jolie has now had three broken marriages, while Pitt has sad two, along with a broken engagement. It’s not like he’s been continuously lucky in love while only she keeps striking out. So the contentions don’t make much sense.

In addition, Jolie isn’t actually interested in dating, contrary to the above assertions. Her focus remains on her children and her work. Furthermore, regardless of her relationship status, we’re told her love life is not something about which Pitt or anyone close to him would really comment. He is respecting her privacy, just as he expects her to respect his.

Regardless of where these claims about Pitt not being “confident” Jolie can make a relationship “work” originally came from, they’re made-up. And Gossip Cop finds it striking that The Inquisitr ends its copy-and-paste piece by writing, “These rumors have yet to be verified,” before noting Pitt and Jolie are “focused on their kids, and do not have romantic connections brewing.” So, why spread the “rumors” in the first place? There is no justification.

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