Is Brad Pitt threatening to have Angelina Jolie committed to a psych ward if she doesn't seek treatment on her own? That's the absurd claim in one of this week's tabloids. A mutual pal of ours and the actor, however, exclusively assures us it's false.

According to NW, the actress was secretly rushed to the hospital last month after collapsing at her Los Angeles home. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "She's exhausted. Not sleeping, not eating enough. It's no wonder her body gave out on her." As the story goes, Jolie is shrugging off the supposed incident, but her estranged husband is urging her to get help.

"Regardless of what's happened between them, he wants her to be in top health for the sake of their children," adds the questionable tipster. "He's suggested she tries rehab-style treatment." The "insider" goes on to say that Jolie refuses to check into a facility, so now Pitt is consulting with lawyers to see if he's legally allowed to have her involuntarily admitted for a psychiatric evaluation.

This narrative is completely fabricated. For starters, a source close to Jolie, who wasn't able to speak on the record, assures Gossip Cop the actress never collapsed at her home, nor was she rushed to a hospital. Additionally, not a single other outlet in the world reported that the actress was taken to an emergency room last month. Had it actually happened, it's highly unlikely NW would be the only publication to have heard about it.

In fact, Jolie noted in her Vanity Fair cover story last year, "I'm being smart about my choices, and I'm putting my family first, and I'm in charge of my life and my health." The tabloid's assertion that she's not taking care of herself simply isn't true. In addition to the magazine's story being based on a false premise, a Pitt insider tells us on background that he never threatened to have his estranged wife committed to a psych ward, nor does he believe she needs to seek treatment on her own.

It's also worth noting, it was recently reported that Pitt and Jolie have been on good terms as they amicably work to settle their divorce. Custody and finances are the main issues that need to be hashed out, but the article made no mention of the two battling over her physical and mental condition, which are both perfectly fine.

Finally, the magazine attempts to illustrate this report on its cover with an unflattering photo of Jolie that was taken in March 2016. The actress admitted to Vanity Fair that she was experiencing some health issues during this time, including hypertension and Bell's palsy, but she's since fully recovered from both ailments. The unreliable outlet, however, deceptively sells the image as if it's new. Below is a photo of the actress looking quite healthy less than two months ago.

Angelina Jolie Health

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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