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Is Brad Pitt unhappy the "manny" Angelina Jolie hired is bonding with their kids? That's the claim by a couple of this week's tabloids and a related website. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively correct the falsehood.

According to RadarOnline, Jolie and Pitt's custody battle and divorce proceedings are negatively impacting their relationship with their six children and, as a result, the "kids have started to bond" with "another man," namely their male nanny, Oliver Crane. Then, to push its premise that he's become a father-like figure to the kids, as a result of Pitt's "absence," the website points to how Oliver recently took Knox and Shiloh to a "robotics class." To give credence to its report, the blog maintains it has an "insider," who shares how Oliver not only goes with the two youngsters to robotics class, but he's also "entrusted with driving them."

To be sure, mannies and nannies often drive young children around and take them to fun activities. It's not expected of 12- and 10-year-olds, particularly the offspring of famous parents, to do it by themselves.

In reality, the blog and its sister publication, Star, paid for paparazzi photos of Oliver with Shiloh and Knox walking up a ramp that led to the robotics class and then later getting into a grey car. It should be abundantly clear the website doesn't truly have a Jolie insider feeding the outlet with information. Instead, it seemingly made-up those remarks on its own, based on what one can see in those pictures, or its source is the photographer who followed and took shots of the minors without their consent.

You'll notice the site didn't mention anything about a "ramp that led to the robotics class" or them "getting into a grey car." Clearly, Gossip Cop must have an even better "source." Or, since we're honest, we simply described what's in the photos and didn't pretend, like the blog did, to have an "insider" who knows all about Oliver and his "bond" with the Jolie-Pitt kids.

The website's purported tipster goes on to contend, "Oliver is particularly close to Shiloh and Knox." Gossip Cop suspects if the outlet had bought photos of Oliver with Vivienne and Zahara, its "insider" would have been quoted as saying, "Oliver is particularly close to Vivienne and Zahara."

Towards the end of the online article, it notes how Oliver is the son of Simon Crane, a stunt coordinator with whom Jolie has worked on many occasions. Interestingly, the blog doesn't mention any of the films Jolie and Crane have collaborated on, such as Maleficent, Salt, Laura Craft: Tomb Raider, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Perhaps the omission is because the site would then have to acknowledge Pitt also knows the Crane family, and has no objections to Oliver taking care of his kids.

Significantly, though, while RadarOnline was able to correct the manny's name to Oliver, its sister outlet Star published its version of the article a couple of days earlier and, in the process, exposed how phony their reports actually are. Throughout the magazine's bogus piece, Oliver is repeatedly referred to as "Oscar." For instance, while the site claims, "Oliver is particularly close to Shiloh and Knox," the tabloid's edition maintains, "Oscar is particularly close to Shiloh and Knox." Similarly, the blog writes, "Oliver is the son of one of Angie's oldest friends," while the print story asserts, "Oscar is the son of one of Angie's oldest friends."

Angelina Jolie Manny

(RadarOnline and Star)

Oscar is actually Oliver's brother, but the outlets must've mistook the siblings. It appears a staffer misidentified the Crane brothers, and then had to backtrack and fix all the seemingly fake quotations to reflect that Oliver is Jolie's kids' nanny, not Oscar. But if the site and the tabloid really had an "insider," they would have known from the start that Oliver takes care of the children, and Oscar works in film production.

The only other major difference between the two reports, other than one being stuck with the wrong name throughout, is the tabloid's claim of how "Brad isn't thrilled that a new man is having such an influence on his children's lives." Again, it's not a "new man." As noted above, it's the son of someone Pitt knows very well.

In fact, the elder Crane worked with Pitt on World War Z and even Troy, which was made a year before he and Jolie filmed and fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And while another sister publication, Life & Style, also regurgitated the same narrative before editorializing that Pitt "better watch out," a source connected to the actor assures Gossip Cop he's not unhappy the manny is bonding and taking care of his kids.

Gossip Cop is not surprised by how fake the manny tale is. We have corrected all of these outlets an astounding number of times. For example, we busted Star just a little more than a week ago when it absurdly reported Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are having a baby. And it's Jolie insiders are pretty bad, too. Just four weeks ago, Gossip Cop corrected Life & Style when it wrongly claimed on a cover that Jolie and Justin Theroux were dating.

Additionally, we've repeatedly exposed RadarOnline for its slew of phony articles about Pitt and Jolie. Among the many untrue stories it posted was how Jolie was "furious" Pitt was going to turn Neri Oxman from his "girlfriend" into his "next wife. Of course, the actor never even dated the MIT professor. As we've said before, if you enjoy reading fiction, those outlets publish plenty of it, but it you want the truth, there's only one Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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