Brad Pitt Does NOT Think Angelina Jolie Iraq Trip Was “Publicity Stunt,” Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Iraq Trip Publicity Stunt

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Iraq Trip Publicity Stunt

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Brad Pitt did not really think Angelina Jolie’s recent trip to Iraq was a “publicity stunt,” despite a report. Gossip Cop has learned that he has never taken an issue with her humanitarian efforts and remains supportive of her endeavors. We can also explain why this false story makes little sense.

According to RadarOnline, Jolie may have had “more than helping refugees on her mind” when she visited Mosul last weekend. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Brad used to admire Angie’s humanitarian work, but is now more suspicious of her true motivations.” This supposed snitch claims Pitt wasn’t “surprised” that Jolie went on the trip the same weekend he celebrated Father’s Day with their children.

The site’s alleged tipster goes on to contend that with Jolie “fuming” over their summer custody agreement being leaked, “she probably hoped the trip to Iraq would deflect negative coverage of her.” The questionable insider further maintains, “Brad thinks a lot of her work is only to benefit her own ego.” But Gossip Cop spoke with a Pitt confidante, who shared on the condition of anonymity, “He has never criticized any of her trips [and] wouldn’t start now.”

In fact, E! Online reported earlier this week about Pitt and Jolie’s ongoing divorce, “He hopes to keep things civil with Angelina… They had a pretty dramatic year and he wants things to remain calm in the future.” It doesn’t make sense then that he’d use a “source” close to him to trash Jolie through a gossip blog and question her humanitarian efforts.

But that’s not the only reason this narrative is problematic. The website admits that Jolie’s trip “had been planned before the custody deal was leaked,” which goes against the whole theory that she only went on the mission to “deflect negative coverage” after the details of the agreement went public. Additionally, prior to the trip, People reported that Jolie was “doing great,” and specifically noted that her then-upcoming mission was organized by the United Nations and timed to World Refugee Day.

Indeed, beyond just going to Mosul, Jolie also wrote an opinion column for the Huffington Post. She marks World Refugee Day in some way every year, such as speaking at the United Nations World Refugee Day ceremony in Washington, as she did in 2009. That, of course, was years before she and Pitt split. Unsurprisingly, RadarOnline doesn’t mention any of this in its story.

Of course, it is arguable that Jolie’s image benefits from these goodwill endeavors, and that they burnish her reputation regardless of what may be going on in her personal life. But it’s illogical to connect this latest trip to problems with Pitt when it very obviously was timed for an annual event that she marks every year. And considering that the actor is well aware of this, the premise that he’s questioning her motives for going on this mission doesn’t hold up.

Again, as noted above, Gossip Cop is told Pitt doesn’t take issue at all with Jolie’s humanitarian projects and never has. But considering this is all coming from the same site that wrongly claimed Pitt and Jolie were on the verge of getting back together last December, we’re not surprised more untruths are being peddled.


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