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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not pushing for their divorce to be finalized, because he's in a "blossoming romance" with Jennifer Aniston, despite a website's claim. Gossip Cop can debunk that highly inaccurate statement. We're been repeatedly assured Pitt and Aniston are in no "romance" whatsoever these days.

According to a new article from the International Business Times, Pitt is in a "blossoming romance" with Aniston. Of course, both their reps have gone on the record with Gossip Cop to correct similarly untrue claims. The often discredited site included the line, linking Aniston to her ex-husband, in a piece it rewrote from another outlet about how Jolie and Pitt are "negotiating for single status" in their divorce.

On Sunday, The Blast published an article about how Pitt and Jolie were bifurcating (or separating in two) their divorce, so that they could become legally single, while their teams of lawyers, accountants, advisors and mediators work out how to divide their money and property, as well as devise a custody agreement for their kids. The story was picked up by a slew of lemming-like outlets that didn't do any independent fact-checking. Had they done that, they would have realized this is old news.

Back in August 2018, a full seven months ago, it was widely reported Jolie sought to finalize her divorce by the end of the year. In Jolie's court filing back then, it very specifically stated how the actress wanted a judgment "returning the parties to single status during calendar year 2018." It also bears mentioning how it's common for celebrities to bifurcate their divorces, and later settle financial and custody issues separate from their marital status. It was done by Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson in 2006, and Kelsey and Camille Grammer famously had a bifurcated divorce in 2011, so he could marry Kayte Walsh.

Now that Gossip Cop has established this is a fairly regular practice, and how the long-separated spouses pushing for "single status" is not new information, let's turn our attention back to the IBT, which routinely cuts-and-pastes other entertainment sites' stories, without bothering to check whether they're accurate or not. In the past, Gossip Cop has exposed the outlet for its lack of reporting skills. Last July, for example, we busted that same untrustworthy website when it absurdly contended Pitt and Aniston got married again on what would have been their 18th wedding anniversary. It's also the same online publication that foolishly asserted Jolie was having "second thoughts" about divorcing Pitt.

That's not to say the IBT is always wrong. It does get some stories right, especially when it steals Gossip Cop's exclusives, which is does on a daily and nearly alarming basis. In just the past few hours, for instance, among the many articles it ripped off from us was a piece we debunked about Bradley Cooper's ego growing out-of-control, while shunning his Hollywood friends. It also jacked a story we busted that falsely maintained Meghan Markle wants to adopt, so she can be like Princess Diana, Madonna and Jolie. And it took without any new reporting of its own a tale we corrected about Caitlyn Jenner wanting to transition back to Bruce again (below).

To recap: The latest claim about Jolie and Pitt pushing to resolve their marital status is not new information. And the website's insistence that Pitt is in a "blossoming romance" with Aniston is 100 percent untrue. What is true, in case you are unaware, is that the IBT and its owner have been accused of fraud and money laundering.

IBT Steal Stories

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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