Brad Pitt is not releasing a tell-all book about Angelina Jolie once their divorce is finalized, despite a false and unoriginal report. Gossip Cop has debunked many variations of this theme. This latest take on the subject is no more accurate.

An alleged insider tells RadarOnline that the actor has been working on a tell-all "for quite some time" and "is just waiting for all of this drama with Angelina and the kids to be over" before he publishes it. The supposed source further contends that Pitt "really wants to get the truth out there about everything," including his relationship with his children and what's occurred during his ongoing custody battle with Jolie.

Gossip Cop has already debunked several versions of this storyline. Back in 2017, we busted RadarOnline's sister outlet, Life & Style, for falsely claiming Pitt was writing a tell-all book about his marriage to Jolie. Shortly after that, In Touch wrongly reported Pitt was writing a book about both Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. And just last week, Gossip Cop called out the same outlet when it published a bogus story about Pitt sitting down for a tell-all TV interview about Jolie and Aniston.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline said back in 2016 that Jolie was the one writing a tell-all book about Pitt. Just a few months ago, the blog also made up a story about Jolie doing a tell-all TV interview about her estranged husband. Another tabloid even recently alleged Pitt and Jolie's daughter Shiloh was planning a "tell-all" about her parents' divorce.

All of the stories mentioned above were based on claims from anonymous "sources," and none of them ever panned out. That, however, did not stop a blog called HotNewHipHop, which is hardly an authority on Pitt from regurgitating the website's latest tale without bothering to fact-check the report. Pitt's own spokesperson, however, has assured Gossip Cop on the record countless times that the actor has no plans for any sort of "tell-all" about his exes or his personal life. With its new article, the blog is trying to buy itself time by saying the actor won't release the book until his divorce is finalized. There's simply no publication in the works.

The gossip media frequently becomes obsessed with a particular theme and attacks it from every possible angle. That's what's happening with this idea of Pitt and Jolie "telling all." This phony narrative has cropped up in various ways since the estranged spouses split in 2016. It's never been a reality, and it's no closer to becoming one now that their divorce seems to be nearing its conclusion.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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