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A story claiming Brad Pitt is now "confident" he made the right decision to divorce Angelina Jolie is made-up. Gossip Cop can expose the site that manufactured this tale. Besides the report being filled with fabricated quotes, Pitt has not had second thoughts about splitting from Jolie after she filed for divorce, following a confrontation on a private jet in September 2016. Also, the blog that posted the new article has a long history of concocting phony narratives about Pitt.

The premise about Pitt suddenly becoming "confident with his decision" to divorce Jolie comes from HollywoodLife, a site so known for publishing falsehoods that it's often nicknamed HollywoodLies. But right from the start it's clear the story is untrue, because it was not "his decision." As widely reported, it was Jolie who filed for divorce from Pitt, citing "irreconcilable differences."

To bolster its latest tale, HollywoodLies quotes an unnamed, untraceable, and almost assuredly made-up "source" as saying their custody battle has simply "strengthened Brad's resolve" to divorce Jolie, and that he's now "more confident" their impending divorce is "the right thing." Within the space of three sentences, the same seemingly fake "insider" contends that while Pitt was initially "heartbroken over the loss of Angelina," he's looking forward to "life post-Angie." As Gossip Cop has noted in the past, an easy tipoff that quotes have been manufactured is when a site has its "source," for example, first refer to Pitt's estranged wife as "Angelina," and then inconsistently call her "Angie" immediately afterwards.

Regardless, as Gossip Cop stated above, HollywoodLies has frequently been caught making up bogus stories about Pitt. Last year, for example, Gossip Cop busted the often discredited website when it wrongly maintained Pitt and Jolie were getting back together. It's actually a plotline the blog used repeatedly in the wake of their split. Just days after it was announced she filed for divorce, the outlet crafted a phony article about how Pitt was going to rehab to get Jolie back.

In that fabricated story, HollywoodLies once again trotted out a purposely anonymous Pitt "source" who falsely alleged, he's "ready to quit drinking in hopes that Angelina will reconsider their divorce," before adding, he's "swearing that if he gets clean, their marriage will be great again." But the truth is, while he sobered up, Pitt never went to rehab, nor did he ever have any intention whatsoever of reuniting with Jolie.

Pitt's camp has told Gossip Cop on numerous occasions that no one in his inner circle is leaking information to outlets like HollywoodLies. And frankly, it's been clear from the beginning that the blog has posted completely untrue articles about him. Among the clearest examples was right after it was revealed in September 2016 that the Oscar-winning actress was ending their marriage.

Immediately, HollywoodLife slapped together a fake news story that claimed George Clooney was supporting Pitt after Jolie filed for divorce, and was urging his pal to "do whatever he can to save the marriage." "Brad is leaning on George for support right now," added the bogus Pitt "source." Of course, that report spectacularly exploded in the blog's face when hours after its post went up, Clooney was asked by CNN to comment on Brangelina's split and he replied, "I didn't know that... That's the first I've heard of it."

Gossip Cop has nailed that website dozens upon dozens of times for publishing made-up scenarios and quotations attributed to supposed Pitt insiders. The reality is Pitt has been onboard with splitting from Jolie ever since she began divorce proceedings. And while the habitually disproven outlet alleges Pitt is now "confident" with his decision to divorce Jolie, a better usage of that word be Gossip Cop is "confident" no one remotely close to the actor is sharing anything personal about him with HollywoodLies, including the premise behind its latest work of fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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