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Much has been written about the court-ordered summer custody arrangement for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids. The agreement calls for the actor to have visitation with his kids in London while Jolie shoots Maleficent 2. But not all that's been published about the situation is accurate. In fact, some tabloids have been caught spreading misinformation both before and after the news broke. Gossip Cop separates fact from fiction below.

FICTION: According to OK!, Angelina Jolie is "livid" she can't travel with the kids amid the custody battle with Brad Pitt.
FACT: The tabloid asserted Jolie wanted to take the children abroad while she films the Maleficent sequel, but alleged she was "not legally allowed" to. As Gossip Cop pointed out in our bust, had the magazine done some research, it would've known all six kids were already with Jolie on the Maleficent 2 set in London. And this was hardly the first time she and the family have traveled during the ongoing divorce with Pitt. They've gone on a number of trip together, including Jolie and the kids visiting Paris back in January.

FICTION: Brad Pitt stopped Angelina Jolie from moving to London "indefinitely," according to Grazia.
FACT: The outlet described Jolie as "floored" after a purported "final settlement" in the divorce case was scuttled at the last minute when Pitt "successfully fought against Angelina's plan to move their six children to England indefinitely" and became "legally permitted to see them regularly." In actuality, as Gossip Cop noted, Pitt's life in the wake of his split from Jolie has already involved visits with his kids for a while now. Additionally, Jolie was never intending to move to London permanently, something Gossip Cop debunked in 2016 and People confirmed in 2017 as well. A divorce settlement was also not "imminent," as alleged, and still isn't.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's "custody crisis" is over his "girlfriend," Neri Oxman, according to the National Enquirer.
FACT: The publication peddled a story contending a "peace treaty" between the estranged spouses was ruined after Pitt introduced Oxman to their children via a FaceTime session. Gossip Cop had actually already busted the basics of this narrative twice before, correctly explaining that Pitt is not dating Oxman and never was. The MIT professor is still with her billionaire boyfriend, Bill Ackman. As such, the claims that she was chatting with Pitt's kids as his "new love" were nonsense. The tabloid was now baselessly trying to connect a nonexistent romance to the custody developments, an angle that had no merit.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is "melting down" over stress from the "custody war" with Brad Pitt, according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The site quoted a so-called "insider," who maintained Jolie was dealing with "all consuming" stress and unable to "focus" on Maleficent 2 due to the ongoing issues with Pitt. In reality, as Gossip Cop reported, Jolie had just taken a humanitarian trip to Mosul during a break from filming, and People had shared a story about how Jolie is "doing great," despite the custody dispute. The blog painted a bleak picture of someone unable to cope, when it appears the actress is really continuing on with life as normal.

FICTION: According to New Idea, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are going to bring up his children together.
FACT: With the actor guaranteed access to his kids over the summer, the magazine claimed Pitt and Aniston were "finally a family" since they had "rekindled" their relationship. Jolie was said to be "devastated." But the "Friends" star has nothing to do with the Brangelina brood. As far back as February Gossip Cop and others reported that Pitt and Aniston are not dating, which time has proven. No matter when he sees his kids this summer, his ex-wife won't be involved. And Aniston won't be involved in raising them after the summer, either.

Since Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, there have been countless stories in which the gossip media has purported to know what is or isn't happening with custody arrangements. Rarely have these articles been accurate. The only reason the summer plans for Pitt and Jolie's children are known is not because of the tabloids and their anonymous and untraceable "sources," but because court documents were obtained by media outlets. It's unfortunate that what is really a private, serious legal matter is exploited for tabloid fodder, and often inaccurately so. Gossip Cop will continue to correct the wrong rumors as appropriate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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