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A new report claims Brad Pitt is "devastated" over Angelina Jolie having a boyfriend. Gossip Cop can prove the story is made-up and false. For starters, Jolie isn't actually dating anyone.

But the latest issue of the tabloid Look features the headline, "Angelina Tells Brad: 'Stay Out Of It!'" According to the article, Jolie has "moved on" from Pitt with an "older man" and is "keep to keep things low key." The gossip magazine acknowledges Jolie has "yet to confirm anything," but nonetheless claims "she's mega happy with the way the romance is blossoming." A so-called "pal" is quoted as saying, "The word is that Angie grew close to him during the sale of her new house... It's early days, but it's going well so far."

The outlet goes on to allege that the "news" is a "bit of a blow" for Pitt, who is "said to be devastated" after "finding out from Ange directly" about her purported new relationship. The supposed source, who apparently can't decide if Jolie is "Ange" or "Angie," contends, "A few months ago, Ange decided to give dating a try... Now Brad is facing the reality that it's truly over [between them]." This seemingly fictional insider adds, "It's got to be heartbreaking for him. Ange thinks he needs to pull himself together. She wants them to both get on with their lives."

The alleged "pal" further claims to the publication, "It's a big adjustment and, ultimately, Brad wants Angie to
be happy. However, everyone knows he hadn't given up on a reunion." Oh, there are so many falsehoods here. But let's start with the fact that this article is based on an entirely phony premise. As People has reported, Jolie is not dating anyone right now. There was a recent report that wrongly linked her to a real estate agent, which is seemingly what sparked this tale, but Us Weekly has also confirmed that Jolie is single.

Furthermore, it makes little sense for the tabloid to purport to know Jolie is dating an alleged "older man," yet have no key details, such as his name or age. Even the contention that they "grew close... during the sale of her new house" is implausible. Jolie's last home purchase was the Cecil B. DeMille estate in June of 2017, nearly a year ago. It's hardly a "new house" anymore, and it's far-fetched to suggest this "romance" has been blossoming for almost 12 months without any kind of real evidence to substantiate the claim.

But with all the proof that Jolie is not, in fact, dating someone, it is obviously not true that Pitt is "devastated" over a relationship that doesn't actually exist. As for the allegation that he still hopes for a "reunion" with his estrange wife, that's untrue, too. Far from reconciling, Jolie and Pitt are working on a divorce settlement. Additionally, it was first reported almost exactly a year ago that Pitt was "dating a bit." More recently, E! Online confirmed Pitt was "casually dating" and had been on a "few dates."

Clearly, he is not pining away for Jolie or trying to save their marriage. He has instead moved on and would not be "devastated" if his ex had a boyfriend. But given that Jolie isn't even dating, as proven by the credible reports cited here, the whole story is moot and demonstrably false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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