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Is Brad Pitt furious over Angelina Jolie's plans to adopt another child? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. The story, however, is completely untrue, and Gossip Cop can debunk it.

An alleged insider tells Heat, "Angelina desperately wants to have another child, and is already actively working with an adoption agency to make it happen." Glaringly, the unreliable outlet doesn't bother to mention which country the child is coming from. Still, its so-called "source" asserts, "She wants a fresh start, and was advised by one of her therapists that adopting would be a great way to move on and mark an exciting new chapter."

The questionable tipster further contends that Jolie "hasn't ruled out the idea of having more than one" child, and has been discussing the idea with her six children, who are said to be "thrilled at the prospect of getting another brother or sister." As for Pitt, the "source" maintains the actor is "fuming because he feels like this is just another ploy from Ange to push him further out of the picture."

"He's scared that the adoption will make the kids want to spend all their time with Ange, and he feels left out," adds the seemingly nonexistent insider. Jolie, however, is said to be adamant about adopting another child without her estranged husband, as it "will mean she has something all hers that Brad has nothing to do with."

The magazine's report is flat-out fictional. Gossip Cop checked in with sources in both of Pitt and Jolie's camps, and we're assured the actress has no adoption plans. Suffice to say, the actor isn't upset about a made-up scenario. It should be noted, the tabloids have been spreading similar narratives for quite some time. Last month, in fact, we published an entire article detailing the many rumors about Jolie adopting again. In the last year alone, the actress was said to be taking in kids from Syria and Africa. All the stories had one thing in common: they weren't true.

Meanwhile, Heat doesn't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to Jolie, Pitt, and topics related to kids. For instance, not long ago the publication insisted Jolie was planning to get revenge on Pitt through a number of TV interviews. The outlet claimed that while she wouldn't mention him by name, they would be "obvious digs at Brad." However, even an insider in Jolie's camp told Gossip Cop the tale was untrue.

Additionally, almost exactly a year ago to the day, the magazine swore up and down Pitt wanted to have babies with Neri Oxman. It also noted that the actor is "pro-adoption" and would like to have kids with the MIT professor "naturally or via adoption or surrogate." Of course, as Gossip Cop was among the first to report and as Oxman herself later confirmed, the two never dated.

Actually, it appears the magazine likes adding adoption angles to its bogus stories. Earlier this year, the publication concocted a report about Pitt's buddy George Clooney adopting a baby girl with his wife Amal. Much like the current article, the outlet had no details whatsoever, including where the child was supposedly coming from. That piece was similarly fabricated. Perhaps it's time for the tabloid to adopt better sources.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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