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A tabloid reports that Brad Pitt is looking to have a baby with Nicole Poturalski. The actor and the model have just begun dating, but Gossip Cop investigates this story. Here’s what we know.

Brad Pitt's Plans To Expand His Family

According to the Globe, Pitt’s new girlfriend is “blabbing” to friends that she wants to start a family with the actor. The German model is already a mother to a seven-year-old son, Emil, while Pitt is a father to six. But, an insider tells the tabloid Poturalski is “dead set on making this happen” and that the couple is planning on “shacking up” by Thanksgiving.

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“She’s young and there’s no reason why she couldn’t have one or two kids in quick succession,” the source continues. “And,” the Globe’s informant adds, “their kids will be gorgeous. Brad’s friends are already placing bets they’ll have twins. Twins do run in his family.” Gossip Cop would like to note that it’s a little odd that “friends” of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith star were “betting” on him having twins again. Still, the outlet asserts Poturalski is in the midst of “tying up loose ends” with her husband and father of her child, Roland Mary. Pitt, the supermarket tabloid maintains, is making room for the model at his compound in Los Feliz.

Brad Pitt Is In This For The Long Haul?

As for the future of the couple, the tabloid states Pitt has “assured” Poturalski she isn’t a summer fling and he’s “committed for the long term.” “He wants another kid if not several more and he would’ve had more with Angie had their relationship continued,” spills the insider. The Globe’s story concludes by mentioning Pitt already thinks the German beauty is a “great mom” and compares her to Angelina Jolie, calling the Maleficient actress, an “airy-fairy.”

The Truth Behind Brad's New Relationship

It’s a little hard to take a report from this tabloid seriously when it uses words like “airy-fairy” to describe Pitt’s ex-wife. Even claiming that Nicole Poturalski is “blabbing” to her friends or that she’s looking to “shack up” with Brad Pitt doesn’t sound very reassuring. Nonetheless, the Globe’s story isn’t true. There aren’t any babies on the brain for Pitt and Poturalski. A rep for the actor dismissed the phony piece. Also, Pitt is currently embroiled in a tense custody battle with Jolie. In regards to Poturalski's marriage, the model is still married and it is reported to be an open relationship, but the Globe doesn't specify what "tying up loose ends" means. Is divorce in the future for the model? Of course, the tabloid doesn't elaborate, because it likely has no idea what the future actually holds. Gossip Cop comfortable saying Poturalski and Pitt aren't rushing to have a child together right now.

The Globe has published bogus stories about Pitt before. For instance, a few months ago, the tabloid claimed Pitt's children were upset with him because he rides a motorcycle. Before that, the magazine alleges Pitt gave Jennifer Aniston an ultimatum between him or alcohol. In all honesty, the magazine is all over the place with its narratives about the Thelma and Louise star. None of these reports were correct, just like this latest piece about Pitt wanting to have more children.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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