Brad Pitt Introduced ‘New Girlfriend’ Alia Shawkat To His Parents?

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Side by side shot of Brad Pitt at the Ad Astra premiere and Alia Shawkat at Sundance

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shot of Brad Pitt at the Ad Astra premiere and Alia Shawkat at Sundance

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Brad Pitt hasn’t introduced Alia Shawkat to his parents, nor is he dating the Arrested Development star, despite a phony tabloid report. The story is the continuation of a false premise that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can set the record straight once again.

“Meet Brad’s New Girlfriend!” reads a headline in the latest issue of Woman’s Day. The accompanying article says the movie star has been dating Shawkat for more than three months. A so-called “source close to Brad’s mom and dad,” Jane and William, tells the magazine, “Alia’s already met his parents. There was a big hullabaloo about him coming home [to Springfield, Missouri] at Halloween last month, and word is he snuck Alia in on a separate private plane.”

The alleged insider continues, “Brad’s parents are very conservative folk so bringing such a quirky girlfriend home could have gone either way, but it seems they liked her. Alia is a cool, calm and collected young woman who would be completely unfazed by Brad’s level of celebrity.” The supposed tipster concludes, “She’s exactly what he went looking for when his train wreck of a marriage [to Angelina Jolie] was finally over.”

Just last week, however, Pitt’s rep told Gossip Cop on the record that he’s not dating Shawkat. The romance rumors emerged because the two have attended several of the same events over the past few months, including art exhibits and comedy shows in Los Angeles. The actor’s spokesperson assured us he’s “just friends” with the actress, and reputable outlet such as People magazine, E! News and Entertainment Tonight confirmed this as well.

Woman’s Day new article about the two is just absurd. The only truthful aspect of the piece is that Pitt visited his parents in Missouri last month. He didn’t fly Shawkat there on a separate private plane, and that explanation lacks logic. If Pitt wanted to sneak the actress to Missouri, wouldn’t it make more sense to take her on the same jet and have it drop her off at a different location in the airport? It hardly matters, of course, since Pitt isn’t dating Shawkat and she hasn’t met his parents. The actor’s rep confirms this latest take on the subject is more fiction.

It should also be noted, Woman’s Day doesn’t have any concern for consistency when it comes to its made-up storylines. Less than a week ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Pitt surprised Jennifer Aniston with flowers backstage at the People’s Choice Awards. That article said the ex-spouses were rekindling their romance. In addition to that premise being totally false, this latest article ignores it and insists he’s been dating Shawkat for months.

Back in August, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Pitt was dating actress Samantha Robinson, who appears in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That bogus scenario was quickly forgotten by the outlet. We imagine this saga involving Shawkat will dissipate soon as well. When it does, the tabloid will either circle back to Aniston or move on to another woman Pitt isn’t dating – or try both.


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